• chic182girl chic182girl
    November 30, 2009
    Confused about pre cum! Whats the real truth??
    chic182girl chic182girl
    November 30, 2009

    Confused about pre cum! Ive researched all different sites and some say theres NO sperm in precum unless the guy has ejuculated that day and didnt urinate (thats the only way pregnancy could result) and i also read regardless of that, theres always sperm in it. Me and my boyfriend had sex the day after i ovulated and he didnt decide to put a condom on until after a few minutes. What are the chances??



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  • Mike December 01, 2009
    December 01, 2009

    Sorry Paul, you are wrong my friend. Pre cum has been proven not to contain sperm. It is produced in an entirely different gland altogether than where sperm is produced.

    The only way it can contain sperm is if as the poster said, there is residual sperm left over from a previous ejaculation in the folds of the penis. This residual sperm however is eaily washed out by normal urinating. All proven my friend.

    However I advice the orignal poster to use a condom at all times. No reason to play with fire.

  • Paul November 30, 2009
    November 30, 2009

    Sperm are present on the tip of the penis long before ejaculation. You definitely can become pregnant without the man ever ejaculating inside you. It only takes one resilient, microscopic sperm to find and fertilize the egg. Just what are the odds of that one sperm surviving and finding the egg are impossible to say. If it does make it that far, the odds are 100%. But no one can tell you "What are the chances."

    Those things you cite are just not factual.


    There are many reliable sites on the Internet such as the Mayo Clinic and the American Pregnancy Association which have information about your question.

  • MoGuy47 December 01, 2009
    December 01, 2009

    You have another problem, besides the fertility of pre-cum.  A guy can begin the actual ejaculation process before he feels his orgasm.  Its different for every guy, and its different between lovemaking sessions for the same guy.  What he squirts out may not be very much, and it probably won't be very strong, but it can still happen.  And if it does, it does contain semen.


    Sex without protection is a bad lottery game, unless you are both ready to be parents.  Sex the day after ovulation is a really bad game.  Don't play it until you're ready to have a family, in all fairness to you and the child.

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