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    June 08, 2009
    Can giving oral sex cause pimples or infections on my boyfriend's chin?
    Need Advice Need Advice
    June 08, 2009

    My boyfriend gets bumps on his chin sometimes after giving me oral sex. I always bath right before we go to bed and I do not have any STD's or yeast/vaginal infections. He has started to wash his face afterward but noticed a pimple like bump this morning, two days after the oral sex. Can this be related?



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  • Paul June 09, 2009
    June 09, 2009

    I wouldn't think it would take two days to show a reaction afterward. Maybe this time it was something else. Nor would I think oral sex alone would cause the reaction.

    You said he gets them sometimes. Not all the time? How quick do they show the other times? What do you use to bathe, any particular soap or perfumed soap or lotions? Sometime? All the time?

    Does he have skin reactions at other times not related to oral sex?
    What about after sexual intercourse, no bumps on other parts of his body?

    You might try switching to a soap like Dove or Ivory only for a few times before oral sex and see if it continues. If you put clothes on between the bath and sex, try a different laundry soap too.


    Otherwise you or he may need to see a doctor, perhaps a dermatologist to find out the reason, since you are sure neither of you have an std or infection.

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