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Monday, June 08, 2009 vak_2001, Community Member, asks

Q: wife don't have interest in sex what to do?


    I am recently married. My wife and I both are engineers. I have interest in sex but my wife says she don't have any intrest. When I uses to start foreplay with her she allways starts with no no which makes me feel bad. I have told evry thing about sex to her, still she is not understanding it. which is creating quarrel between us. It's allmost 25 days past we still don't have intercose. I tried forcefully twice and she kept quiet at that time but I was not sucessful. Should I try forcefully so that once the intercorse will happen then automatically she may get interest in sex?

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Merely Me, Health Guide
6/ 9/09 4:29pm

Hi there


No...I would not force it.  It sounds like you need to have more communication about why she is disinterested in sex at this time.  Maybe ask her what sort of foreplay is most pleasurable to her.  Maybe have some times of just holding and kissing her without any expectation of sexual intercourse.  Intimacy is about more than the sexual act. 


I guess I would want to know this a change in her behavior or has she always been disinterested.  If it is a change...the reason could be depression or even a medical issue.  Keep talking to her to get some idea of what is going on.


I wish you the best of luck!  Thank you for your question.

vak_2001, Community Member
6/10/09 5:30am

Hi thank you for taking interest in my question. Fist thing is she is very silent girl. I had a talk with her on sex, she told she don't like to be touched, when I uses to touch her and start for foeplaying with her boobs she gets hot and when I slowly proceed my hand towards her vagina she don't allow to touch, I tried focefully few time fist she uses to refuse after some time she uses to keep quiet and I uses push my finger in, but after some time she refuses and don't allow to touch. When I uses force her for intercourse she uses to keep some cloth into her mouth. twice I tried but due to pre falling of my sperm I was not sucessful. As you told I have also tried to kiss her and embrace her without any intention of intercourse but she uses to runaway from me. I have also asked her that she likes me or not she told that why you ask such questions? I have a doubt that when her father died she was hospitalised for 15 days that may caused her sex harmone to secread less or stoped secreading? Please help me, shall I consult a doctor or what should I do? Please be in touch untill I get relaxed by this situation.  

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