• cowgirl24 cowgirl24
    November 06, 2008
    Penis itches after sex?
    cowgirl24 cowgirl24
    November 06, 2008

    My boyfriend's penis itches after we have sex without a condom. Could I have an STD, or is there something else going on with my vagina that could be causing the itching?



  • Amy Hendel
    Health Guide
    November 13, 2008
    Amy Hendel
    Health Guide
    November 13, 2008

    Some couples have an "allergy" to each other in the sense that skin-to-skin sexual contact can cause some sensitivity and antigen issues. You could also have undiagnosed vaginitis or other condition that is currently asymptomatic that is causing the reaction. For your own health (and his!) and for your peace of mind, both of you should get checked out by a doctor, just to be sure there isn't something going on that requires treatment.


    In the meantime, I would strongly recomment that you use a condom for STD prevention and to prevent pregnancy. It will also have the added benefit of keeping the itching at bay after intercourse while you find out what's behind the problem.


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  • man1health November 21, 2011
    November 21, 2011
    At the first signs of penis redness and irritation, many men become concerned about the possibility that they have contracted an STD. Fortunately, penis problems are more frequently caused by common skin conditions or aggressive sex, including masturbation, that result in skin rash, soreness, itching and burning. Most of these problems are easily treatable at home, using a penis health crème that contains natural antibacterial agents and moisturizers(health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) on a regular basis. However if you have an open sore or are uncertain about the nature of your health issue always ask your physician. READ MORE
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