• Msdancergirl1990 Msdancergirl1990
    November 28, 2009
    LIght brown spotting one week late pregnant?
    Msdancergirl1990 Msdancergirl1990
    November 28, 2009

    My boyfreind and I had Sex the week after my period, unprotected, I was suppose to get my period on 11/22 and i never got it. i have had my period since 5th grade and never missed or been more than a day late i am over a week late. This morning 11/28 i have had cramps but not as bad as i normal get them, plus very light brown spotting with 1 to 2 drops of light pink blood. I get back pains every once and a while. I don't know if i am pregnant or what to do?



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  • Paul November 28, 2009
    November 28, 2009

    Finding out if you are pregnant is relatively simple. There are two reliable ways. If your normal period is more than a week late you can take a home pregnancy test, or be tested by a doctor. Everything else is guessing. Symptoms like cramping and back pain can mean so many things.

    If you have been having unprotected sex, there is always a possibility of pregnancy.


    You can read an article written by Merely Me, a writer and community leader for this site, titled, Reasons Other Than Pregnancy For a Delayed Period. Try not to worry, what you are experiencing, many women report going through at different points in their lives. You may have always been regular in your periods but things can change and be disrupted now and then.


    Take a home pregnancy test, follow the instructions well, and see what it says. If it's negative and you continue to have these problems, you should be seen by your doctor to find out why.

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