• labras labras
    September 06, 2008
    some kind of lump or roundish small ball in my vagina. close to the left labia
    labras labras
    September 06, 2008

    good day. for about 2 years o so, i cant really remember, there has been this lump o little round shaped ball on the left side inside my vagina. a little bit after the clistor.. it was close to the left labia. i wasnt worried cos i felt no pain and didnt disturb my self. few days ago, i discovered that that lump o roundish ball moved, its now lets say in the center, not really center. and i tried to press it, and when i do, it goes in and some kind of reddish discharge comes out. i left it alone the first time. so the nextday it came back to its position and i pressed it, the same thing happened. went inside and some liquid(reddish(brown) came out.
    i am so worried. i hate seeing doctors and so on. i dont like it but i know its neccessary.
    pls is it something to really, i mean really worry about? thank you

    NOTE: it doesnt hurt at all



  • Amy Hendel
    Health Guide
    September 08, 2008
    Amy Hendel
    Health Guide
    September 08, 2008

    Could be a cyst - fluid filled or pus filled - the longer you leave it without getting an exam - the more of a risk that it does become infected.  Just have a GYN examine you and treat it as needed.


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