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Thursday, November 20, 2008 reidcaro, Community Member, asks

Q: My clitoris hurts, sort of sharp pain. I looked and it looks like it is raw almost like skin missing

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Amy Hendel, Health Guide
11/24/08 1:06am
If you are having vigorous sex, quite often or masturbating quite often it could be the cause. You could also have an infection - get it checked. Reply
jill, Community Member
11/27/08 1:42pm

what does it mean if your 3 days away from the last set of pills to be on your period but see yourself bleeding.

FC, Community Member
2/21/09 4:59am

i've had exactly the same problem and it was due to oral sex with my partner when we got a bit carried away. it's very sore and its really worried me. It happened during oral sex so I know its not an infection. Can anyone help me to see whats wrong please? And how long it will take to return to normal. Thank you

sulu6311, Community Member
10/ 4/11 7:05pm

hey i was just wondering about the same thing. i just had oral sex with my husband & all of a sudden my clitoris got really sensitive & then started having EXTREMELY sharp pains. if you get any info about this please let me know.

Mc Namara, Community Member
2/27/09 1:55am

Hello I have the same problem and I know that it's because I had sex and he took 2 in a half hours and still couldn't make me come! This meant that I had to make myself come a lot after because as you know if someone goes down there and gives you more build up and not enough release you have to come more to not be frustrated after! I would strongly recommend not wearing anything as much as you can...! If you need to come because it's driving you insane then use a detachable shower head and use a dam to protect the skin... lol The worst thing you can do is let yourself get so frustrated that you have to come or else! Because that's when the most damage is done. Keep the area as dry as you can, perhaps use a bit of medical cream with a very mild disinfectant. DONT let your boyfriend near it until its COMPLETELY healed! I did that and 2 months later.... you don't want that! I am surviving! But could have healed by now if it wasn't for oral sex! You'll be ok just try the shower thing with the dam so you don't go crazy! 

cat, Community Member
9/ 6/09 12:30pm

Thank you! This same thing just happened to me from having lots of oral sex with my boyfriend, and I've been very worried. It's good to hear this has happened to others and will heal ok.

codysgirl!, Community Member
9/21/09 8:19pm

same here. me and my boyfriend just had regular sex. and now i am hurting is that bad? or no i hope not im 13 and my mom doesnt know i have sex!!!!

Ala1234, Community Member
1/23/12 12:50am
I have e same problem at the moment I keep reading up on it no one seems to know the cause :(it's making me cry it's such an annoying feeling Reply
Ala1234, Community Member
1/23/12 12:57am
I have e same problem at the moment I keep reading up on it no one seems to know the cause :(it's making me cry it's such an annoying feeling Reply
BJG, Community Member
10/ 1/12 9:04pm

i had oral sex and after my clitoris hurt really burned when i peed and can i heal it.?

Shelly Dallas, Community Member
1/13/14 1:57am

mine was caused by an injury to my crotch from riding a bicycle 10 miles a day, 3x week.  A gynecologist confirmed the existence of a lump in my crotch the same side as the pain of my clitoris.  It was tried to be drained but there was no drainage possible because it wasn't that kind of lump or cyst. That kind cannot be removed, they are permanent.  Injecting a steroid into the lump was tried.  No relieve/no change at all.  Another gynecologist brainlessly came up with the idea for me to take hormones.  No help there either. 

  This is how I got it to go away.  I used an electric dog collar in the same way a 't.e.n.s.' unit is used.  A tens unit provides electric pulses but you can control the speed and the intensity settings are more for humans.  A tens unit also has sticky/peel off&on tabs to use, but you can't use that in your crotch.  The electric dog collars have two prongs that are perfect length between the painful clitoris and the lump which is the source.  I placed one prong on each.  The level I found to simulate a tens unit was at 1 or a little stronger at 1.5.  The pulsing I did manually with the remote ... I just had to keep pressing the button.  I did that for ten minutes, rested 20, repeated two more times.  It was the first good nights sleep I had in almost a year.  Every day I did that noticing that the pain crept away from the clitoris and settled into the lump.  It remained tender around the lump.  Next thing I did was to use a chiropractic technique.  I extended my thumb (like I was going to hitchhike).  Right thumb for pain in left side of crotch.  Reaching 'in' with it, I found a painful ligiment in the wall (there are rings of them in there), so I pressed into the wall and stretched it slowly down toward the ground ... hurt like a humdinger but there sure was relief from pain when I was done.  I did that periodically over a several days until I didn't have to do it any more.  I then put a seat onto my bicycle that does not have a tongue and I've been fine ever since. 

  It was unbearable pain.  I would describe it as having a lit match jammed up my clitoris.  I was not a pleasant person to be around.  It went on for almost a year.  I lost friends and destroyed valuable relationships.  I could not tell whether I had a full or empty bladder, like you feel when you have a bladder infection or a UTI.  Several trips to the doctor convinced me I was not having an infection problem.  I found NOTHING on the internet to help me.  I had to figure this out all on my own.  Nobody deserves to live with that kind of pain.  It is the worst & horrible thing to have. 

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