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Monday, August 24, 2009 dancer_67, Community Member, asks

Q: Issues concerning a broken septate hymen?

I recently found out i had a septate hymen. and now i just realized it broke and i dont really know how or why. i havnt had sex and it didnt hurt i didnt even realize it broke. i cant tell if its bleeding because im on my period but im pretty sure its not. it doesnt hurt at all... am i safe to use tampons now with out it getting stuck or somthing? Do i need to go see a doctor?

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Paul, Community Member
8/24/09 4:18pm

You should see a gynecologist. Minor surgery may be needed to correct this condition. I imagine you researched it already to determine that you have a septated hymen, two small vaginal openings instead of one?


The doctor after examining you will make the recommendation they think appropriate. Until then you should be careful when trying to insert, or withdraw a tampon, you may or may not have trouble. If you can get by with a maxipad or equivalent, it might be better. But, only you or an examining physician can decide about a tampon right now.


As to the why they break, there are so many reasons, exercise, sports, stretching, any number of daily activities can cause this. The hymen has no bearing on who you are, so don't worry about that, just schedule an exam, you will be fine. 

dancer_67, Community Member
8/26/09 12:22pm

seee my point was that the septate broke.. so now i do have one opening not two... so whats the point of going to the gyno..a lot of women jus cut it themselves anyways it jus randomly brokee so i should be fine, right. and i usedd tampons this time FYI and it didnt get stuck because theres nothing for it to get caught on!

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