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Friday, January 09, 2009 katy, Community Member, asks

Q: exercise enduced orgasm? rope climbing? pull ups?

I have been reeding about some women reaching orgasm through exercise.  Does this happen to you??  What are you doing when it happens??  It happens to me mostly with ab exercises and pull up movements.  I have quite a strong uppur body and can do a lot reps with a heavy weight in the lat pull down exercise.  Therfore I should be able to do loads of pull ups or be good at climbing up ropes but when I try these, boom it hits me about third or forth rep or half way up 20 foot rope. I get this feeling in my privets, it feels like I am going to pee myself.  when I was younger I always used to stop trying at this point because there woud be people around me in gym class and I was afraid I would wet myself.  I loved this wierd feeling that it gave me so experamented with this at home but this time i didnt stop when I felt it coming and I got this most amaizing feeling I had ever felt it felt.  I didnt wet myself, well not realy enough to soak through my trousers although I became very wet down there.  Because I was young at bthe time I didnt realy know what was happening to me but I did do it quite a lot because I love the feeling it gave me.  Now that I am older I relise it has been an ogasm I have been experiancing.  Is this weird?? has it happened to you or someone you know??

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nastycrusty, Community Member
11/23/09 3:45pm

I too experimented this feeling as a kid in gym class. Since i couldn't find a rope to climb everyday, i soon discovered that i could get exactly the same feeling while "climbing a door": i just hang with my hands to both sides of a door, and then lift my legs up to 90°, and voila! the "feeling" is here. I'm 22 now and still do that pretty often!

It's good to talk about that with other people, I thought i was alone!

josepi1985, Community Member
10/12/10 12:15am

are you male or female,  because i am male, and i would get the same thing in gym class, and doing pull ups or hanging from anything really, and yes it is a real orgasm.

Alexis, Community Member
5/26/13 10:56am

Oh my god, I really thought I was the only one doing this and something is completely wrong with me, never even thought of talking about it with someone.. But I do exactly the same hanging on the door sometimes, even though I'm 18 now. And to be honest I thought something isn't very right about it because I hardly get an orgasm while sleeping with a man, even though it comes pretty fast when hanging on a door or something..... Is there anyone who knows if that has something to do with it?

Squirrel, Community Member
10/13/13 11:47am

Firstly Alexis, I  If you mean you can't climax with a man in any way at all, that is 1 thing.  However, if you mean you can't climax by penetration then that may be because you have no G-spot tissue (which many women don't ) or else your G-spot is not stimulated by the angle (or pessure) of penetration.

Squirrel, Community Member
10/13/13 12:43pm

"I think" you asking whether your climbing climaxes are inhibiting your sexual response with your boyfriend?  Yes?


Well I doubt it would inhibit that, no.   One caveat here though is that if you believe it to be so (through guilt, doubt, etc) then that itself could certainly inhibit you, coz sexual arousal is largely emotional/psychological.  So don't worry!!


Another possible caveat is that if you strain too hard for a rope/pole orgasm then that (might) train/condition your orgasm reflex to need to "toil" for your pleasure when with your partner - like a learned "pathway" in your nervous system.  I can't say this WILL DEFINITELY be a consequence, it's just something to keep in mind.


If you mean you can't climax with your boyfriend with ANY type of stimulation - well that is one thing.  Whereas if you mean you can't climax from penetration, then that is obviously a common experience for MANY. MANY women.


If you mean the latter, then it could be that you are one of many, many women who don't have any G-spot tissue.  Don't worry here, because generally speaking such women have a much more sensitive clit - such that a clitoral orgasm for her tends to be much more intensely pleasurable than a clitoral orgasm for a G-spot type of girl (who derives her most intense orgasms from g-spot stimulation).  In other words a clitoris-focussed woman will tend to have her sexual energy/potential concentrated in her clitoris.


Climbing/exercise orgasms have much to do with the Pubococcygeal muscle (pelvic floor muscle) which is an integral part of most multiple-O training for both men and women (eg tantra) so you may be one of the lucky people who are already half way there.

lorraine_w, Community Member
1/27/09 5:28am

I am a virigin, so I have no idea what an orgasm feels like, however, I too have "weird, yet pleasant" sensations "down there" whenever I try to do pull-ups or the ab wheel or something like that. Although I enjoy the feeling, it gets really obnoxious sometimes, because I'm trying to exercise and strengthen my upper body, but have to stop because of this. I have always had this "problem", even as a kid, but it always freaked me out then because I thought I was having a cramp or something. Now I know it's not a cramp, but not sure it's an orgasm. If that's all an orgasm is, though, then I don't see the point of having sex...which is kind of sad...

Paul, Community Member
4/ 7/09 7:35am

I love climbing ropes just to get that "funny feeling" as I used to call it.

Just climbing up and sliding down and then climbing back up over and over until that lovely feeling starts happening.

It's great getting 'caught' doing it because I've got all my clothes on no one knows I'm having an orgasm.

Humping a rope up and down for a couple of minutes without getting higher must look odd and suspicious lol.

I guess the girls looking at me know exactly what I'm doing but it's a great buzz being watched.

Karrie, Community Member
4/26/09 9:03pm

This same thing you described has happened to me ever since I was little as well. I am 18 and actually still wasn't quite sure what was going on. I got online to see if anyone has had this experience and to my relief, this is exactly what I am talking about. But the way people describe orgasm, this feeling isn't quite as intense. It feels "good" but I wouldn't call it an explosion. It's good to know there are others out there feeling the same thing as me.

katy, Community Member
11/ 1/09 10:20am
I am 28 and I still do this a lot. I am always finding things to climb. I just cant seem to get enough of it. Reply
Man, Community Member
8/10/09 1:14am

I can remember when I was a little kid I had these sensations when I would do a bunch of pull ups on the swing set.  Now, after I do a bunch of them I have an orgasm.  You really have to push yourself though and do about as many as you can do.  Some sort of ab wheel thing would work too, but I think pull ups works the best for me.  So, this can happen with men or women I guess.

rope climbaaa, Community Member
8/19/09 6:43pm

FINALLYYYYY i dont feel so alone!


i used to climb ropes in gym class back in the day and i would also get that crazy amazing feeling and as soon as it hit me, i would hold it as long as i could and acted like i stopped climbing for a second to yell down at my friends watching me climb. i covered it up pretty well actually.


im 16 and i STILL have found ways to give me that feeling.


my bed post is perfect for doing it. i just grab onto it and slide and move my legs until i reach orgasim. then its hard to stop going back to do it again. its crazyy.


ive never reached an orgasim during sex though. ive done it alot of times with my boyfriend, and we switch positions all the time during sex but i still cant ever get one with him. WHY!?

katy, Community Member
11/ 1/09 10:18am

Now that I am older this feeling has never gone away. I still climb up things most days to get this feeling.

There is a rope at the gym where I workout so I usually spend a lot of my workout climbing that rope... lol!!

LOL, Community Member
12/13/09 10:10am

omg, i know exactly what you're all talking about.  every morning after some cereal i take a little "me time" on the pullup bar until i reach climax... sperm everywhere!

run man, Community Member
12/19/09 10:50pm

As a runner I have read studies that running is the second most sensual experiance to sex. I have also tried pullups and find these to have an even better effect. Excersice is ancient mans release.

curious, Community Member
1/ 4/11 10:00pm

I have looked on the internet dozens of times, trying to find an explanation and this is the closets I have ever come from getting any answers. I was 6 years old playing on a swing set on the playground racing people up the side of the poles to see who gets there first, and lets just say I didn't make it to the top. I've found other ways to experience this feeling, rope, side of the doors, monkey bars, if you have a pole in the basement that holds up the foundation of the house. I'm 25 years old and a mother, so obviously I have had sex, and sad to say this but I can never get the same orgasmic feeling when I'm having sex.  Sometimes, sadly enough I do a quick rep on the side of the door to get me worked up and excited about having sex b/c the feeling I get doing these pull-ups are more exraordinary compared to sex. Well at least I'm not alone out there, thanks for everyones comments.

LisaDawn, Community Member
9/ 1/11 11:25pm
LOL!!! I did the same thing! I would hang out at the top of the pole, and pretend I was looking around while slightly grinding and maintaining my orgasm. Reply
Danny, Community Member
8/13/12 6:43pm

i remember doing the exact same thing and being in such a trance because it just felt soooo good.

Ainsi, Community Member
7/15/11 8:04pm

See here for my reply - search down to 'coregasm'; I give a link there to more information.

Mikesensei, Community Member
8/18/11 1:30pm

I had a similar experience climbing ropes in my early teens. I think it was a combination of muscular efforts and rubbing the penis and perineum on the thick rope.It was a wonderful feeling and rippled through my whole body. As far as I can remember it was a dry orgasm and could possibly be related to the super dry orgasm that some men can achieve by contracting certain muscles nr the prostate gland.

healthgirl, Community Member
2/22/13 6:45am

I agree it is a different type of Orgasm. different muscles.. deeper?

averageguy, Community Member
1/ 8/12 11:38pm

I used to get orgasms from doing pull ups as a kid all the time, I discovered this in gym class at the top of the rope. Of course, I found other things to climb, and eventually figured out it didn't require a rope, but doing pull ups with the up and down motion of the legs was enough. I got pretty big bisceps as a kid from it. I also would get the same feeling when straining during weight lifting. I stopped sometimes during my teenage years, I think I was ashamed of it, thinking I was weird. With the advent of the internet, it seems there are tons of people who also experienced this. It's a wonderful feeling. So now I don't feel ashamed of it anymore.

Dion, Community Member
2/17/12 11:23pm

I've always had this happen to me also...ever since I was in 3rd or 4th grade....and umm wow it was nice and fun. More when the bell would ring and everyone would run to go in and i would stay behind and latch on the monkey bar and it was 100x better! Why? idk BUT I NEED HELP!! I've been working out and i cant do core workouts on pull up bars, and my pullups can get hard to do without this happening to me, I'm a 24 year old male so its not the same anymore, I make alittle more of a mess now, Embarassed and I really want to better myself physically but i cant!! And its not fun anymore!! Does anyone KNOW HOW I CAN STOP, OR CONTROL THIS?? If anyone has any tips of advice please PLEASE help me out on this =(

Meandmealone, Community Member
3/ 5/12 8:30pm

OMG I am SOO glad you had the courage to write this! I too have had the same feeling since a kid (also started in gym class). I always thought I was alone in this and was really wierd! I had a loft in my room with a rung style ladder leading up to it. I used to go behind the ladder to do pull ups on a high up rung. For me the feeling always started in my legs, behind the knees. As it got more intense it would migrate up to my privates. I didnt know at the time it was an "orgasm", I just did it because I loved it! So glad to know Im not alone here!!!! hehe

Sal, Community Member
4/28/12 6:37pm

I love you all! Some kindred rope-climbing/door climbing enthusiasts! My slightly older sister introduced me to the pleasurable feelings from climbing the pole on our front door porch area - so it was shared so didn't feel too odd!.  How many times did we climb that pole giggling about the funny feeling! It certainly wasn't sexual, but it was definitely a pre-sexual orgasm. When I was a teenager I discovered climbing doors gave the same feeling and went on to discover masturbation - but again, this was all pretty pre-sexual - I suppose innocent discovery about my body.  As sexual awareness developed I began to feel a bit ashamed about the door climbing and/or  masturbation.  But I suppose it is par for the course.

I was just talking about this early rople climbing joy when we saw a bit of WAynes World when Garth said he got the feeling on a rope. Ha! We suddeny realised I could look this up on the internet! so glad I bumped into this!  I am sad that some contributors have not experiencef orgasm outside of this climbing activity - I am sure they can - it can be tied up in all sorts of attitudes - I know I had to stop feeling embarrassed about having orgasms to be able to have them with another person (i.e. my husband) - loads of them now!

Back to the rope: I am now going to have a go on the lounge door as an experiment - have the funny feeling stood the test of time!! Wish me luckl!!

(p.s. if it feels good, do it!)

shnter13, Community Member
8/10/12 9:31am

Hi Sal,

    Its funny as you mention this, I too have had all these, and its a shame we suffer the sexual awareness that we all seem to go through, it hangs us up and makes life more difficult. If something that feels this good should be more widely accepted, as any form of satisfaction, like you said, (p.s. if it feels good, do it!) .


Yes,,,I was a kindred rope climbing/door climbing enthusiasts, loved the jungle gym at the playground.


Funny thing, and I wonder this, how many people read these and then think, hmmmmm, wonder if it still works, and I like you, went and tried,,,LOL. Yes, the difinitive answer is,,,,and its amazing, the intense feeling, wonder why we ever stopped doing it. It to me is also way more intense a feeling than sex, maybe its the super quick buildup and release, not sure, but it is intense.


Thank god for strong doors.

jtrummy19, Community Member
10/19/12 3:25am

i read all these and wonder how do you all do it, i tried for 30 min because i wanted to see what it feels like. im a 19 year old male and i have no clue what all you are experiencing. i tried doing pull ups so much my arms wouldnt move so a different time i tried on a door and my hands ended up hurting after so many attemps. how do you do it?

jtrummy19, Community Member
10/19/12 3:26am

i read all these and wonder how do you all do it, i tried for 30 min because i wanted to see what it feels like. im a 19 year old male and i have no clue what all you are experiencing. i tried doing pull ups so much my arms wouldnt move so a different time i tried on a door and my hands ended up hurting after so many attemps. how do you do itk?

jtrummy19, Community Member
10/19/12 3:26am

i read all these and wonder how do you all do it, i tried for 30 min because i wanted to see what it feels like. im a 19 year old male and i have no clue what all you are experiencing. i tried doing pull ups so much my arms wouldnt move so a different time i tried on a door and my hands ended up hurting after so many attemps. how do you do itk?

curious, Community Member
2/11/13 3:58pm
I commented on this site over 2 years ago, and it's amazing the more and more people are coming out about experiencing this same thing. The best way I can describe it is, when you are pulling up with your arms, with your abdomen try pushing down, almost like you are working against yourself and trying to stop yourself from pulling yourself up. I noticed the stronger your upper body is too, the longer it takes before the sensation comes about. Also you could try just hanging from your arms and bring you legs up to a 90 degree angle and then try to do some pull-ups, and then you might get to experience this sensation. I'm 27 years old and even though the sensation only last seconds I still prefer it over sex anyday!! It's sad, but I've been doing this since I was in 1st grade, needless to say I'm pretty ripped for being a girl!! Reply
healthgirl, Community Member
2/22/13 6:51am

pull you knees up first then straighten them out then straighten them out while spread far apart , your privates rubbing upward on the pole and then squeeze the pole with your thighs and pull up with arms .. you'll get it .

healthgirl, Community Member
2/22/13 6:41am

Yes, I remember this happening to me when younger and climbing poles. I would try to climb as high as possible but would have to stop when that " feeling " came. It was intense and out of this world . Had no idea it was an orgasm. For some reason I just thought of it tonight.. tried it on our exercise equipment.. the MOMENT I put my legs up it all started. By the 2nd time.. I was in the middle of it.. took about 15 minutes to recover.. !! Quite a calorie burn!!( I'm much heavier now!!) Was intense though.. I may just share this with my husband and see if he responds the same way.. I 'm finding it rather interesting how men can react the same way as well?

Nici, Community Member
8/ 3/14 8:30pm
Well I hope your lucky and your man gets the same from climbing as we do. From my experience you will be lucky and that accounts for my old man as well. From my experience more women than men can orgasm from climbing but I can't find any real data. When I was a young woman prior to children a property developer built a number of new houses directly across the road from where we lived. Those beautiful scaffolding poles gave me more than enough reasons to practise my climbing exploits but on one occasion I came across three school kids from the local prep school. The girls, there were two had been trying to teach the boy about how to get the funny feeling by climbing one of the support poles. They had chosen a quiet area away from the road, one I had used often my self but on this occasion I was more than happy to watch and listen to there exploits. Both the girls demonstrated there individual technique while the boy watched intently as they hitched there school skirts inside there dark blue panties before climbing the poles having removed there shoes. Watching them was pure bliss as they each humped there way to a climax. The boy who I had seen before on the site was not so keen to climb and pretended not to be effected on the pole, the truth was he was more interested in the girls than he made out. Having watched the girls climb again he was intent on there movements and how it made them feel. There was by now a noticeable bulge in his trousers and I was not the only one to notice this. From my position I could clearly see what was going on without them having a clue I was watching. The girls both knew that climbing the pole caused the erection and they wanted to see for them selves why. The boy was probably more up for it and it did not take long before his rigid cock was released from his trousers. At first the girls seemed happy to watch but before long they both wanted to get there hands on it and despite there lack of years they both knew how to wank it up and down. The boy clearly knew about the power that the poles had over the girls and would only let them play with his prick while the other one climbed a pole an act which was clearly turning him on. Both girls climbed without fear frequently leaning back away from the pole and extending there arms while arching there backs to bring there Pusey into direct contact with the pole. Splaying there knees as far apart as they could before clamping there thighs vigorously around the pole in search of that glorious climax. The boys prick was as stiff as a board by now the glands red and swollen at the head now protruded from his foreskin and was clearly too sensitive to touch. His attempts to get them to put it in there mouths fell on deaf ears and when he grasped it in his own hand they laughed out loud and shouted wanker at him. Finally completely embarrassed he gave in and between in them they masturbated him slowly at first while he stood legs either side of a pole hanging on while his hips started to hump as soon as the feeling took him. Finally he came ejaculating a stream of sperm over the pole and on to the ground his now completely rigid cock beautifully spent and untouchable. This rather changed the moment for the girls who both realised what they had done, the blond who was the older of the two had been rubbing her panty covered crotch now stopped and pulled her skirt down to cover her modesty while the other girl swung around one of the poles, trying I am sure to bring her genitals into touch with the steel but to embarrassed to climb it again. Needless to say I claimed that very pole he came over, again and again recounting the experience again and again until the day they took it down and it was gone for ever. Reply
Michael369, Community Member
3/ 1/13 1:36am
Holy crap! I thought i was the only one! When i was little we had this tree and i remember my dad made a rope swing on it. I decided one day to climb up it and i started getting this really good feeling, i kept doing it often after that experiance but i never would have thought that it was an orgasm feeling hahaha. Im 18 now and Ive been curios to know if i can still get that feeling. Reply
YEA, Community Member
6/ 5/13 9:55pm

I am 20 and the first time it happened to me was when i was in high school climbing the rope and since then i havent don to much of any pullups because of my personal views on masterbation.... Is this the same thing? If so is thre a way I can do my upper body work outs with out this happening?

reader, Community Member
7/27/13 8:23am

I had this too...rope climbing....about age 13 at school. they mention it in waynes world....lol

doorsxual9, Community Member
11/ 7/13 12:44am

Thank you all for responding!  I too started with rope climbing when I was about 4 or 5, then moved to doors and support poles in the basement.  I also used the bedpost, and stair posts.  I still use a door if I want an orgasm.  I used to be able to get as many as 13 in a row!  I counted them because I have OCD lol.  These days I get tired at 3 but I always want more.  But like many other women who have posted, I'm unable to orgasm with penetration, even with a vibrator.  Will I ever be able to orgasm with sex or will I always have to use a door?  I know a lot of it is psychological and it took me a long time to learn not to be afraid of penetration and actually enjoy it, but I'm afraid I won't ever orgasm with my partner since I've been trying for months with no results.  :-/  

Fatima, Community Member
12/ 1/13 5:10pm
This always happens to me when I'm climbing something like exactly! And yes i love the feeling also. Reply
michael, Community Member
6/30/14 2:27pm

I also did this! (Another male here!) I found a lot of this had to do with leg position and holding my arms locked, I'd get it climbing poles, on the rope, or pull ups, like described here, but the "flexed arm hang" was the most effective--not a good thing on those physical "test" days when they'd time us... Now that I think about it I wonder how many others dropped off early specifically because they were afraid of what might happen in front of all the other students? Those gym shorts didn't hide much!


These days I excersize at the gym and this has never even been a thought in my mind there, but when I do pull ups on the "assisted lift" machine, even though I can go to my limit there it doesn't have the same effect, I suspect because my legs are supported by something.


I'm curious if anyone has ever caused damage to a door doing this? I'd like to share this with my wife but I don't think it would be worth damaging our apartment (and I don't wanna explain that one to the landlord!)

cazatsea, Community Member
8/12/14 8:35am

hallo, happy also to find this exchange!  I first had orgasms swinging from a tree in the garden.  the branch was low, so I was very young!  I could have many in a row but was about twelve before finding out what it was.  I took a long time to find out how to climax any other way, including trying to have intercourse and swing at the same time with a particularly adventurous partner!  We just collapsed laughing instead.  But I found that the combination of moving my legs and releasing my hips with masturbating finally hit the same spot! 

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