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Friday, December 05, 2008 kevin, Community Member, asks

Q: how do i cum in ropes

i want to be able to cum in ropes because this sets my wife off and she can have a orgasm too

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jd_acura, Community Member
12/ 5/08 10:27am

I guess you would buy a rope and cum on it.

XTC, Community Member
12/12/08 1:34am

Do you mean cum while being restrained?  Talk to your wife much more about it.  Find out what it is about you being "in ropes" that turns her on.  Have you tried placing her "in ropes?"  Maybe she has a fantasy to be in control and dominate you.  If you are not submissive and find yourself always needing to be in charge, it will be very difficult for you to cum while restrained.  Being bonded prevents you from moving and touching freely.  It can be considered a total form of submission.  Try some other form of sensory deprivation and see where it takes you.  A simple mouth gag to prevent you from speaking for starters.  A blindfold to take away your sense of sight.  They say all a man needs to be happy is food, sex, and silence.  Try headphones with added noise reduction.  You will achieve your silence and she will achieve controling your sense of sound all at the same time.  Play around with it.  Keep it fun.  Experiment.  As long as you are both having fun, you can both get to cum.

learning the ropes, Community Member
3/ 4/09 8:26pm

Um, i think he definitely means to shoot ropes of cum.  It would be great if I could to.  I'm interested in learning.  It definitely CAN be done.  I can on occasion, but I have to let it "build up"... 

harry, Community Member
7/ 3/09 2:52pm

ogoplex this shit works. my girlfriend was gobbing my knob and I nearly took her head off. I cam so much she couldn't swallow it all. It exploded out of her mouth. I get at GNC.

Chuck, Community Member
7/17/09 2:23pm

Your right they go nuts when you cum heavy .... I can shoot a load 3 feet away. That stuff really works to. Sometimes my wife will jus jack me off just to watch it fly. I can also cum about 3 times on the same hardon as well.

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