• jessica8787 jessica8787
    September 07, 2008
    Ways to get chlamydia besides sex?
    jessica8787 jessica8787
    September 07, 2008

    I just got tested for chlamydia and my GYN said I have it. My question is -- my current boyfriend, who is the the only man I've ever been with, said he got tested and did NOT have chlamydia. If he doesn't have it, how could I have gotten it? The only thing I can come up with is a girl who I know who borrowed my swimsuit and then I wore it after, forgetting to wash it. I also share a bathtub with my sister. Could I have gotten chlamydia either of those ways? It seems unlikely from what I've read, but I just dont understand how I got this.




  • Gemsa December 06, 2009
    December 06, 2009

    I am searching for the same reason. I got tested and was positive with Chlamydia and my husband got tested as well and came out negative. I have been married for 10 years and I went with him and actually saw his negative results at the Dr's office. He accused ME for cheating. I swear on my life I did no such thing. How else in the world can you get this STD?? Seriously we were almost going to get a divorce over something that I swore on my life I didn't do. I think a lot of research still needs to be done regarding this STD about how else you can get it, because it can really break up and harm innocent relationships. 

    • confused2011
      November 18, 2011
      November 18, 2011

      I agree 100% I really don't think a whole lot of research has gone into this. I too was tested positive for chlamydia and my husband negative. We were both virgins when we met and neither of us have slept with anyone else. It's very possible that we could've had a false positive but if that's the case then the labs need a totally new method of testing because I am seeing this problem WAY too often!!


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  • Princess August 20, 2009
    August 20, 2009

    I've heard of this all to often...my friend had chlymidia and she suspected her boyfriend to have it but when he got tested it came back negative, so she wondered where she got it. But when she found out she had it, he also took the pills so that he wouldn't get it. He could have had the symptoms but they weren't detected. So after he took the pills she couldn't find out if it was him or not because he was cured like her. If he loves you he wont tell you, he could have been sleeping around but he'll take it to the grave because he cares so much. But through bathing no, a swimsuit maybe, but question him till it hurts an realy find out, get to the bottom of things.

  • Willa January 16, 2014
    January 16, 2014
    I am 15 and tested positive for clyomidia I have NEVER had sex or anything with anybody I am so scared. Thank God my parents say they believe me and are trying to get another test done but It upsets me wondering if there is doubt in my parents head and I can't prove to them I am telling the truth. I am waiting till marriage and I feel like this ruined everything I have fought for and I did nothing wrong READ MORE
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