• lovee lovee
    November 18, 2009
    What can I do about a swollen vulva during pregnancy?
    lovee lovee
    November 18, 2009

    My vulva is swollen and extremely itchy, so much so that it is keeping me awake and is almost painful. I find myself squirming from it. It is only on the outside and in the crease where it meets my legs. It is red and looks like there are sores even though I have restrained from scratching. I placed a warm wash cloth to calm the itching. What could it be, and how can I calm it down until tomorrow when I will call my doctor?




  • Paul November 18, 2009
    November 18, 2009

    I hope you called your and have an appointment. That is the exact proper thing you should do, because they can usually give you something, or recommend something which will help with the itching. Also, they are the proper place to go so the swelling, redness and itching can be diagnosed and treated. That way you are not wasting time trying different methods.


    It may be an allergy, a bacterial infection, possibly more. The doctor will take your history, current medications and all relevant information, exam you, test you, if necessary and treat whatever it is properly.

    It would be nice if you get a diagnosis to come back and let us know what was wrong, it could help someone else.

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