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Thursday, November 19, 2009 Speed Racer, Community Member, asks

Q: Why does my wife's vagina smell like onions or garlic sometimes?

It is not all the time that it smells like this. In the past it would smell more like garlic. Here lately when I go to perform oral sex, it has a strong onion smell. It does not taste like onions as much, just smells like it. Can eating certain foods make the vagina smell like food? Or is there something wrong that needs checked out?

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Paul, Community Member
11/19/09 10:45pm

Some reasons for an odor are listed in this article. On the left in that article are links to other parts, such as causes and when to see a doctor. I think if the odor is often present, an exam by a doctor is probably a good idea, as that article will mention. Foods eaten are really not a cause of odor at that location.

emma bennett, Community Member
1/10/10 8:49am

I am going to disagree with that this is not normal, i have the same problem, also i do not eat onions, my mom does so sometimes i cook with them,like a roast, even though i do not eat onion the roast is flavored with it and i wake with an onion smell from my vagina

Odor begone, Community Member
2/ 8/14 2:33am
I've struggled with a weird smell to, I've treys soaking in the tub for 30 mins and showering to cut the odor. Also in my daily routine I tried vagisil, which didn't help. I recently tried shaving down their, & so far I have not had an odor at all. Reply
sarasauin, Community Member
7/31/12 10:35pm

I found a website that goes through a whole lot of causes and solutions to an onion problem. Take a look. It might help :)

lalahorton, Community Member
10/15/13 10:52am

My doctor told me it was because I had a bacterial infection that was treated with just a perscription and all was well... no need to worry. 

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