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Tuesday, July 28, 2009 Jayjay, Community Member, asks

Q: Too intense orgasm

Can very very intense orgasm cause hypoxia resulting in a petit mal seizure? Symptoms: totally involved with the environment, loss of consciousness, uncontrollable laughing, and continuation of the activity with no memory of the laughter.

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Merely Me, Health Guide
7/28/09 9:37pm

Hi there


Now...is this something you have experienced or that you witnessed with your partner?  Do you or this person have any history of having petit mal seizures?


I am not a doctor but I am guessing anything is possible.  If someone is prone to seizures...many types of sensory stimulation can set things off. 


Thank you for your question.

Jayjay, Community Member
7/29/09 1:25pm

I experienced this and do not have a history of any type of seizures.  I shouldn't have included loss of consciousness because I was totally functioning but not aware.  It has only happened twice within a 35-year span.  It is normal for me to laugh during orgasm but unusual for me not to remember.  The only bad thing about it is that it disturbs the moment for my partner and I'm haven't figured out how to explain it.  I don't feel any different physically - I feel super good afterwards. 

MoGuy47, Community Member
9/ 1/09 4:03pm

Hi.  Tell your lover how you orgasm.  Its unique to you, and OK.  That way he'll know he's turning you on.  Sounds like you really let go in sex and love it.  Tell your lover how much you love it too.  It only disturbs him if he isn't sure whether you like it or not.  Your near loss of consciousness just means its really intense, if you have no seizure history.  This can happen when your lover gets you close to orgasm and backs off several times.  When he finally takes you there, its really intense.  My wife did that to me once when she tied my hands so I couldn't take control of anything, and then rode me without letting me orgasm for a long time, stopping and starting.  Its not usual, but that only makes those times more special and intimate.  Communication is your key.



Jayjay, Community Member
9/ 6/09 2:16pm

Thanks.  I really do need to work on the communication thing.

LadyJane, Community Member
10/ 4/09 10:01am

Hi. I just had to respond to his post because I've been searching all over the web for someone that this has happened to...I do have a partial complex seizures.  When I feel myself beginning to orgasm, I experience a very otherworldly feeling like I'm going away....(I don't like this feeling)...feels like I"m actually having an out of body experience...then when I actualy do orgasm, I'm completely "out of it" for about 2 to 3 minutes where I can't respond to my husband.  I'm not unconscious because I can hear him, but I can't speak and I feel like I can't move my limbs...I feel paralyzed.  Its a scarey feeling for me.  I've asked my neurologist about this as it has only started happening to me in the last couple of years.  I'm now 49.  Does this sound seizure related?  It does to me.  And it scares me but it REALLY scares my husband more.  It has really limited our sexual life!  The last episode was so bad, I'm not sure when I want to have sex again.  My husband and I have a great relationship and have been married for 28 years!!!   What do you think....Do I need a sex therapist??  

lilevildevil134, Community Member
10/20/09 12:23am

There is what psychologists refer to as abnormal consciousness, which includes out of body experiences and being hypnotized. Abnormal consciouness also applies to uncommon extreemly intense sexual orgasums, so that is most likely what you are experiencing.

Jayjay, Community Member
11/11/09 10:06am

Do you have any websites that address this topic that applies to orgasms.

lilevildevil134, Community Member
11/13/09 9:27pm

i dont know if there are any web sites, but it was in my psychology text book.

it goes under the names of abnormal conciousness and altered conciouness

hopefully that helps :)

Jayjay, Community Member
11/11/09 9:59am

Lady Jane -- Continue communications with your Dr. and husband.  With the 3 of you on the case, a healthy and satisfying result should be reached.  If tht decision is sex therapy or something else follow your feelings along with their advice.  Be grateful that you are strong enough to communicate openly.  Good luck and let me know how you and you husband are doing.

green eyes, Community Member
1/25/12 2:33pm

I am afraid that my husband will go into full seizure or have a heart attack.

he has no history of having petit mal seizures.

Unique Experiencer, Community Member
10/15/09 6:03pm

     I'm recently married again to a wonderful man and a great lover.  He says he wants to take me as far as I can go sexually.  I have experienced unbelievable things.  Things that I would say was someone faking it, if it really didn't happen to me.  Things that I have described in my own computer so as not to embellish or forget.  I have friends in my life that had the first two experiences, so I know that I am probably not crazy.

     They mostly end up in a state of unexplainable happiness.  A sweet state like eating 10 delicious desserts at one time and then relishing them all.  Once recenly, I cried afterward.

     Please direct me to anyone that has had intense orgasmic experiences.  I found the word  "Megagasms" on one website but not anywhere else.

     Please no fakers.  Is anyone else out there like me?

Jayjay, Community Member
11/11/09 10:19am

Your name says it all.  We and others are unique individuals.  Let's stop second guessing ourselves and worrying about who hasn't experienced what and concentrate on enjoying what we are experiencing.  Society and culture has a way of making individuals feel "abnormal" if we are different.  We are fortunate to be able to experience such great satisfaction.  Thank goodness for this website.  After finding out how many women are experiencing such good (different) feelings, I now realize I'm OK experiencing the good things that I do.  I'm still trying to work out my communication issues, but I'm confident that too will come in time.  Thanks to everyone.

eve, Community Member
10/ 7/13 3:38pm

i know what you guys mean...making lvoe with someone you really really love and belong with is very different than how humans usually have sex...


people are annoying if you have better sex than they ever had they tell you're bf youa re faking it...


how would i think of all unusual things i do to fake it...why would i do it...people always think they can jsut pull out some theory out of their bum and call it knowlidge...i call it but pseudo and silly bum theory...



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