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    April 27, 2009
    Can probiotics cure yeast infections?
    fitnessbabe fitnessbabe
    April 27, 2009

    I am 25 and have chronic bv and yeast infections. Since december I have been to 5 doctors, all giving me the same medications (flagyll, diflucant, metro gel, and boric acid). I can't seem to get rid of them, and they are ruining my life! I also take high doses of probiotics, azo yeast, vitiman c and other immune boosters. I have been tested for all stds and so has my husband and we are both clean. I feel a burning and then itching after sex; am I allergic to my husband's sperm? i know it throws the ph off, but I had a problem with condoms giving me infections.  Would getting back on the pill help balance my vagina? I thought the probiotics were supposed to help?



  • Merely Me
    Health Guide
    April 28, 2009
    Merely Me
    Health Guide
    April 28, 2009

    Hi there


    I can see why you would be very frustrated about all this.  About all I can do here for you is to give you any information I find in my research.  I am not a doctor and cannot provide any medical advice.


    Here is information about bacterial vaginosis from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


    And here is information about chronic yeast infections.


    It seems that one explanation for chronic yeast infections is that it is not a yeast infection at all but something called Irritant Vulvitis.  You can read about Irritant Vulvitis right here.  Have you been found to be allergic to anything include soaps, creams, lubricants? 


    I fear you will have to go on a search to find a doctor or specialist who can answer your questions especially about not having your period. 


    I wish you the best of luck in search of answers.

    As an aside, usually the only sperm allergywhich can develop affects your ability to become pregnant.

    There are a lot of reasons for you can feel pain during and after intercourse though. You can read about some of them in this article about, Painful Intercourse.





  • Samantha April 29, 2009
    April 29, 2009

    Hi, I am also into fitness and I do suffer sometimes also, you should watch if you wear lycra and this can cause the problem especially if it is not.  Try and stick to some airy shorts (although probably not as flattering) but may help.



  • Iknowitsucks August 27, 2009
    August 27, 2009

    Hi just wanted to let you know I fully understand your struggle. I have been battling chronic BV after I gave birth to my son, he is now 11 months old. I also had bouts of it every 6 months or so before I had my son, it started when I was about 21 years old, I am now 26 years old. I stopped taking all of the antibiotics the doctors gave me and went on a quest to find a cure.


    The most effective method I have found is using the vaginal acidophilous. However, the only acidophilous treatment that worked for me is a brand called Gyn a Tren, it is a 14 day treatment. You take an oral acidophilous pill and also insert a vaginal pill for 14 days. It should clear up the BV. I still use Gyn a Tren on a monthly basis when needed, I notice right before my period, during, and after my period my symptoms start coming back. I usually follow the treatment during this time every month and treating myself while on my period, it works wonders. One dose usually relieves all symptoms for me within three hours, but the first time I took it I had full blown symptoms and it took a couple of days before I noticed a difference. Make sure your significant other washes themselves before sex, makes a huge difference.



    I personally feel after researching this subject for months that diet and taking the antibiotics over and over again is the culprit.


    Processed food is our worst enemy and sugar. I will be the first to admit my diet isn't perfect, but its good, and I have cleaned it up since dealing with this chronic BV and it has made a huge difference.


    Sugar is the absolute worse! I had an addiction after I had my baby, since cutting way back on the sugar and bread things have gotten better, I even went on a vegan diet for about three weeks and noticed that all my BV symptoms completely disappeared. It was too hard for me to maintain the diet, I also breast feed my son, and felt I wasn't getting enough protein. However, when I am done breast feeding I am going to try and figure out a more vegan like diet and possibly do a cleanse and see if I can make the symptoms disappear forever.


    My mother only gave us antibiotic if absolutely necessary when I was growing up. I think I could count on one hand the number of times I had to take antibiotics from childhood until I was about 21 years old. I had strep throat when I was 21 and had to take antibiotics to treat it, and then developed the BV. I had no idea what was going on. I went to a Gyno, told her I had never had sex and didn't know what was going on with my vagina. She did an exam and the results came back positive for trichomoniasis a form of BV, but apparently a sexually transmitted form! She thought I

    had lied to her! I have no idea where I had gotten and still baffles me to this day. I feel

    it had something to do with the antibiotics I took for the strep. The symptoms cleared for about 8 months and then after that I started getting regular BV every six months or so. 


    This is really strange. I never had any BV while pregnant, not even the slightest symptoms. I thought I must have finally beat it for good. I found out I was Group B Strep or GBS positive while pregnant. Apparently 30 percent of pregnant women have this. Most people have some level of the strep in there intestinal tracts but about a third of the population colonized GBS in their vaginal tract and rectum, there is no explanation for this and the GBS seems to be harmless to those infected however, if it is passed to the baby during birth there can be catastrophic damage. I was put on antibiotics during my labor to lower the risk of transmission. About 2 weeks postpartum I developed horrible BV symptoms. I went back to the hospital and they did and exam and it came up positive for trichomoniasis again! I was baffled because I had been swab and tested for STDs

    about four times while pregnant and nothing. So since clearing up the Trich I have had chronic BV. I don't know maybe the GBS plays a role as well. Well good luck.




  • Heathymom October 26, 2009
    October 26, 2009

    Did you try the tampoon dipped yougurt with active cultures to replace the healty bactria? Sounds strange I know but it is advaised on the web. Looking everywhere for answers just as yourself.

  • tnstarr1 January 13, 2014
    January 13, 2014

    Ladies!!! I''ve tried every treatment just as most of you have and to my surprise THE ONLY CURE TO CHRONIC BV WAS TO NOT TRY AND CURE IT AT ALL.... I realized this after a few times of my doctor scheduling me a week or so out to be seen and everytime I would be seen my symptoms would be gone and my doctor would say the infection wasn''t present and cleared up on its own which after a while I realized that because bv is an imbalance of our normal microbiota and not a disease the best way to train your body''s immune system to rebalance it is just being patient and ALLOW YOUR BODY TO REBALANCE ITSELF. .. if we don''t allow our body to do the work itself because we''re so quick to let antibiotics do it, our body will never be able to learn to do it on its own.... I struggled with this for years and once I stopped panicking as soon as that smell would come every time after sex or whatever other triggers caused it... my body learned to control it on its own and I haven''t had an occurrence in about a year... It only took me about two different times in a row of letting my body rebalance its before I stopped having reoccurrenced of bv all together...I know its a lil uncomfortable but while having symptoms just try to keep it clean as you can so its tolerable and believe it or not after about a week maybe less your body will rebalance itself... thats all bv is an imbalance in your ph causing your normal bacteria to over grow.... leave those dang antibiotics alone cause that''s what caused me to have chronic bv for about 6 years of my life...they weaken your immune system by not allowing your immune system to do the work its willing to do if we just be patient and let it... people have made books and everything about cures for bv and it infuriates me because the cure is not that complicated. ...when women are all the while depressed and insecure from an issue such as this that had such a simple solution. ... I hope this helps as it has me!...Another thing is have sex regularly so ur immune system is also able to get use to outside bacteria sex introduces to it or else it may not be prepared to avoid bv from occurring. ..its all about building ur immune system which doesn''t take a pill...your body learns to defend itself when its introduced to something frequently enough. ...

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