• Alison Alison
    September 05, 2009
    Can I masterbate soon after I've had a c-section?
    Alison Alison
    September 05, 2009

    I had to have a c-section about 3 weeks ago due to my beautiful 9 lb baby girl being to big for me to deliver vaginally! I know I can't have sex for 6 weeks...but what about masterbation? Will having an orgasm be painful or bad for me in some way? My boyfriend and I are very sexually active so not having sex is going to be hard but I can't imagine not even having an orgasm for 6 weeks! I'm too embarassed to ask my OB/GYN so any advice would be greatly appreciated! Wink



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  • Paul September 06, 2009
    September 06, 2009
    Congratulations! Don't know if that is your first, but if it is, don't worry, I promise one day, she'll sleep through the night! Hang in there.   You'll have to be guided by the doctor who handled the C-Section about sexual activity, even masturbation. A lot depends on how you feel. It also depends on just what takes place in your masturbation. I wouldn't think clitoral stimulation would be a problem, but the ultimate judge is you, and the way you feel. If you do try, just listen to your body, if it says stop, stop. But really, no one who wasn't involved in your care can say something is safe for you.   You really can ask the doctor these questions, they are there to care for your health and well being. They want you to ask, rather than have you do anything which might harm youself. READ MORE
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