• glorious glorious
    August 30, 2010
    passing tissue/clot while urinating?
    glorious glorious
    August 30, 2010
    Lately, when I urinate, I am seeing a thin white/clear tissue/clot/film in the toilet. It isnt very much, maybe like 3 or 4 pieces (when im menstruating, its dark red). It almost looks like a blood clot when I'm menstruating, but when I am not, it looks the same except there is no color. I am experiencing no pain, no urination problems and I am not pregnant. Just slightly worried about what it is. Any ideas? READ MORE


  • Merely Me
    Health Guide
    September 07, 2010
    Merely Me
    Health Guide
    September 07, 2010



    How often is this happening when you urinate?  Please know that I am not a doctor or a gynecologist but if this were me, I would go the doctor to get this symptom checked out.


    Passing tissue while urinating appears to be a symptom of renal pappilary necrosis but there are a lot of other symptoms to this condition as well.


    Does it look more like mucus?  Sometimes this can be caused by a urinary tract infection. 


    The only way to know what could be causing this symptom is to see your doctor.  Please let us know what your doctor says.


    Thank you for your question.


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