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Wednesday, September 17, 2008 osmith, Community Member, asks

Q: why am I having vaginal farts?

I have heard this is common with sexual intercourse, but I am having this almost every time I sit and stand back up. It's so embarrassing! Please help! Is there anything I can do, and why is this happening?



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9/21/08 4:00am

Hi Olivia,


It is my understanding that vaginal flatulence occurs when a vacuum of air created inside the vagina and then gets released.


I couldn't find much of any information about what to do about it.  In addition to intercourse, it appears that a number of women have this problem while doing yoga.  Some suggested that doing kegel exercises can help you control when/how you release the air.  Some women said they wear tampons to yoga class, but that wouldn't be advisable for all day use!




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laq, Community Member
4/10/09 8:32pm

I do not have any answer but I am experiencing the same thing.  How embarrising...It always seems to happen at work after I have been sitting at my desk for a while and get up.  Then if follows me as I start walking away, sometime last for quite a while.  Sounds just like I am farting, over and over again.  I would love some answers to this, I see my doctor next week and will ask him, but I am sure he will have no clue!!! 

Maz, Community Member
1/17/14 1:53pm

Hi - please can you tell me what your doctor said as I am reluctant to go.

This has escalated very quickly over the last month and I now have to clench before leaving my chair 

I am mortified by it and scared that somebody will notice

Is there a medicine which solves it


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