• SiobhanVon SiobhanVon
    September 10, 2008
    How long after ovulation pain is the egg released?
    SiobhanVon SiobhanVon
    September 10, 2008

    Could I have ovulated 7 days before my period and be pregnant? My cycle is irregular and lately has been anywhere from 30-37 days long. However, I think I ovulated 7 days ago, and my period should have probably started yesterday. Is it possible that I ovulated then and could be pregnant? If so, when could I find out?



  • Amy Hendel
    Health Guide
    October 08, 2008
    Amy Hendel
    Health Guide
    October 08, 2008

    I am not a doctor and can't diagnose you, but this is an especially tough call. You might have to test yourself a couple of times, five days a part over the next 2-4 weeks, to be absolutely sure and to rule out a pregnancy.  You might also visit your doctor for confirmation.


    Best of luck and let us know how you are doing!



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