• lance158 lance158
    September 03, 2008
    why does my wife get an infection almost every time we have oral sex? what can i do about it?
    lance158 lance158
    September 03, 2008

    almost every time i have oral sex with my wife she gets a urinary tract or a bladder infection. is there any medication or anything we can do to prevent it?



  • Amy Hendel
    Health Guide
    September 04, 2008
    Amy Hendel
    Health Guide
    September 04, 2008

    I think that usually UTIs in women are cause by vaginal bacteria but it is possible that your manipualtion of your wife sexually with your mouth  is somehow transmitting some virus or bacteria.  I'd check with the gynecologist and see what he (or she ) thinks in terms of target organisms - and check with what is being cultured in the urine (the organism).


  • maria.33 September 09, 2008
    September 09, 2008
    first of all where does she get the inf? mouth or vagina? either case its obvious you are passing either a bacterial or fungal infection back and forth you may not have any symptoms alot of men dont exp symptoms of either a yeast inf or a bacterial infection . it is possible to get a bacterial infection in the mouth as well as a yeast infection . you need to BOTH be treated with antibiotics at the same time and avoid sexual contact until your both done with all the medication. you may have gingivitis which is being transmitted orally causing an inf. or it may be from her vagina opening she may have a bacterial infection and its getting pushed up into her urethra causing bladder infections. i suspect you both have a bacterial infection READ MORE
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