• Juliantlis90 Juliantlis90
    July 01, 2014
    Can a hormonal imbalance cause all these problems, including itchiness?
    Juliantlis90 Juliantlis90
    July 01, 2014

    I really need some expert advice. A year and three months ago I had my IUD removed. It was a copper IUD, and I had had it in for six years (ever since the birth of my first son). Since then my periods started decreasing in intensity. Going from 7-10 days of heavy bleeding, my period now lasts only one day. Furthermore, a fibroid (3 cm, big) was found in my uterus a year ago. Half a year later it was down to 2 cm, and just three weeks ago, in a follow up ultrasound, it was 1.3 cm (shrinking!).

    I had my estradiol level checked on cycle day 21, and it was 40. I had it checked again on CD3, and it was 240. I have also had my thyroid levels checked. All was perfect. I had my cholesterol and blood sugar level checked. Everything is within normal limits (more on the low side than on the high side).


    I am worried because two weeks ago when I had my ultrasound done, three functional cysts were found on my right ovary. I am not bleeding more than one day per cycle, and sometimes I suffer from an itchy vagina (and it is not yeast infection). My vagina itches sometimes to the point where I hurt myself. My boobs sometimes hurt like crazy and feel really big and swollen. I had a hormone panel done, and my E2 was 250 and my FSh was extremely low (2.5) Everything else was normal.


    I don't know what to do. I don't want to go to a doctor here where I live because sometimes they just test away and give you anything. (I live abroad.) What do you suggest? What could this be? Is it early menopause? Or what is causing all these problems?




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