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Sunday, June 21, 2009 Jess123, Community Member, asks

Q: How long does sperm live outside the body?

If I touch sperm, and it gets dry on my hand. And a few hours later I wet my hand only with water and touch my vagina... Is it a way of getting pregnant?

A month ago my boyfriend and I were touching each other, he was wearing a pant with very thin fabric. He eyaculated and I touched it. My hand got dry and like three hours later, when I went back home I went to the bathroom, I only wet my hands and did not wash them with soap. Inmediately, I touched my vagina, I have to say that I did not penetrate my vagina in that moment. I'm nervous, my period hasn't come in 35 days. I hope it only be a hormonal issue and not pregnancy. Also the problem is that my last period wich it was last month it was irregular because, before, on may 1st my period came, later, on may 18th it came again. And this month hasn't come. Is not normal... Please, somebody tell me what is happening. Mybe for some people this a stupid question but I would like to have an honest answer

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Paul, Community Member
6/21/09 5:59pm

No. Sperm cannot live outsideside of a warm, moist environment very long at all. They certainly cannot dry and be reconstituted with water several hours later. Once dry, they're dead. We had a question a week or two ago like this, only a guy was concerned about the same thing and Merely Me answered it this same way.


Now, all bets are off if his genitals made contact with yours before or a short time after he ejaculated, or his hands, or yours, with any fresh ejaculate on it, touched your vagina. In that case, it would be prudent to take a home pregnancy test a week or more after your regular period was due.


You will have a number of times, irregular, early or late periods with many reasons possible over your lifetime. Though if it continues this pattern, you may seek an examination by a doctor to find out why. Stress, like you are having now, diet, illness,  exercise, birth control pills, strain of school and more can throw you off.


So, it wasn't a stupid question at all. The only thing which would be is taking chances and allowing unprotected genital contact. That could result in pregnancy. Let us know that you're alright.

Jess123, Community Member
6/21/09 7:35pm

Thank you for the information. This has been the most serious answer I have received. According to if our genitals made contact, actually no. I haven't had sex yet and we didn't take our clothes off. I will go to a doctor soon to control my period, maybe this problem has a lot to do with my studies, and I am at the university almost all day so I can't have a good diet right now. I hope everything goes well soon... Thanks =)

Paul, Community Member
6/21/09 7:55pm

You are welcome and thank you for writing back, Jess.

I found that question I referred to earlier answered by Merely Me, and here is the link for it if you would like to look at it. Good luck to you. 

hunter, Community Member
12/30/10 12:00am

what if you accidently ejaculated on a partners Sex toy and two days later they used it but you rinsed it off and wiped it down pretty good what are the chances of that person getting pregnant

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