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Monday, August 24, 2009 healthy212, Community Member, asks

Q: does the labia minora stretch permanently from intercourse and/or childbirth?

does or can the labia minora stretch permanently from intercourse and/or childbirth? i.e., how much can one or the other effect the appearance of the labia minora? if so... to what degree? I have searched the web and get varying results. Some say yes... some say no. Would really appreciate a valid medical answer!

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Paul, Community Member
8/24/09 9:17pm

I hope someone can help you. I do not think such stretching is permanent for quite a while. The skin does lose elasticity with aging though. It's not the same at 40 as it at 20.


I don't know of any scientific studies which have measured the differences in those two circumstances over time.


There could be some, I guess. But how they would take into effect the natural and varying elasticity for various people immediately after, an hour after, a week, a month, years afterward and eliminate other outside influences? I mean it would have to vary just among people of the same age, the same number of births, the same number and length of intercourse sessions. The natural size differences to begin with.


I don't know if anyone ever funded such a study. They may have, almost everything else seems to find funding! Maybe someone here can point the way to such studies.

healthy212, Community Member
8/25/09 2:11am

I appreciate the response.... I guess what I'm ultimately asking is the intercourse with a partner, and future childbirth, affecting the appearance of the labia? i.e. do my actions (no odd or unusual sex acts!!) affect the shape and look, or is this something that is genetically predispositioned??? thanks.

Paul, Community Member
8/25/09 4:33pm

Pretty much dependent on your genetics, how quickly your skin loses elasticity, we are all different in how rapidly that happens. But a full, rich sex life with children should not change the shape very much of what you presently have.


The skin is wonderfully able to return to it's normal positions through much of our lives. You would think, that especially childbirth, would cause huge changes but it doesn't.  Most of our lives, all parts snap back pretty much to the original shape.


There comes a time, sex, childbirth, or not, when age begins to be a factor everywhere! But proper diet and exercise can delay the inevitable.

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