• collegestudent collegestudent
    January 26, 2009
    Brown odorless discharge/spotting for about a week after sex
    collegestudent collegestudent
    January 26, 2009

    I had sex about a week ago with a man who was large and a little rough. Since then I've been having a few drops of brown odorless spotting or discharge (not sure). What is this and when should I see a doctor?



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  • need.sum.answers April 05, 2009
    April 05, 2009

    idk the same thing happened to me...i had unprotected sex n about two days later i started to get a brownish kinda bloody discahrge that had no smell...but mostly brown wit a lil blood...at first i thot i was gonna start my period but i didnt...it got a lil havier(enuf to wear a pad but not enuf to soak it or like a regular period)its much lighter then a regular period n still mostly brown after two days...some say it can be implantation bleedin n some say that it might just be old blood comin out but they say it only happens after ur period...i have not gotten my period yet n dont kno wat to think...n if i do want to or end up take a pregnancy test how long should i wait...should i just wait to see if i start bleedin more or if it just stops...i need answers please...16 years old n have no clue...this has never happened except when i had a misscariage but that was veery painful...this time the same thimg is happenin but no pain...just a light brownish bloody discharge...so pleeeeeaaaaasssseee help

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