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    November 30, 2009
    i wear a male chastity device for my wife was wondering if prolonged use is harmful
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    November 30, 2009

    will a chastity device harm my penis or testicles in any way from prolong wear say 2 weeks or more descriptition of device cb6000s a small ring goes around scrotum then the penis is inserted in to a tube locked together testicles are trapped between tube and ring preventing pulling out penis also preventing penis from getting fully erect  its part of bdsm play



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  • Michael December 20, 2009
    December 20, 2009

    This answer is based on a number of years playing with a variety of devices including the CB6000s along with having read various websites, mailing lists and similar. That and the lack of any significant number of case reports in the medical literature. The short answer is, used correctly, no. You do need to experiment to find the correct combinations of rings and spacers for correct fit. This can take a couple of weeks. Too small a ring around the base of the testicles and penis will result in the scrotal skin looking bluish. In theory prolonged use of a ring that tight could cause a varicocoele. Use of an insert into the penile tube to narrow its entrance, which some use to aid security, may cause reversible penile oedema if it narrows the tube too much. Too much is variable based on individual dimensions. There is a small risk of minor skin trauma if the skin is pinched whilst assembling the ring around the base of the penis. People have speculated about prostate problems but the research studies used to support such speculation are such that if there is a risk it would be related to decades of near continuous use and be of a very low level. Potentially an accident, e.g. car crash, where there is trauma to the groin may result in greater injury than migh otherwise have occurred. In theory, other devices that hold the flaccid penis in a bent position (such as some of the Lori devices) might lead to erectile tissue damage with prolonged use. Overall though CB's seem to be amongst the safest of sex toys. Just use your common sense, get the fit right, and pay attention to hygiene.

  • MoGuy47 December 01, 2009
    December 01, 2009

    Difficult to say without seeing the device.  But remember that cut off blood flow could have long lasting, and bad effects on your privates and your fertility.  Your body wasn't made to wear those things, esp. for so long.  If it prevents erection, it also prevents blood flow.  I'd advise against it.

  • Paul November 30, 2009
    November 30, 2009

    No way to answer this, at least I'm not aware of any medical studies covering this equipment. You'll have to make your own, best decision.

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