• Farnhold Farnhold
    June 06, 2013
    What causes pain at the base of the penis?
    Farnhold Farnhold
    June 06, 2013

    Hello, I have been having pain at the base of my penis for past eight weeks. My urologist said that it is probably from rough sex. I never have rough sex with my girlfriend, but I do tend to go deep inside her and therefore push base of penis/my pelvic bone on her pelvic bone. Even if I stopped having sex for a week or two with my girlfriend, the pain has not reduced or stopped at all. Could it be from something else? There is no swelling or anything, and supposedly the utrasound has not found anything either. I feel pain on top of my penis, where the penis connects with rest of my body.

    I have to push deep with my finger though, basically touch the ligament/muscles there to feel it. It is right next to the main vein that is on top of the penis, on the right side, where it connects with rest of the body.

    I have been tested for STDs, and the results came back negative. (I have only one sexual partner anyway.)  Also the other tested values that my urologist found from my urine were alright.

    I do not feel pain at all unless I push on that spot with my fingers, or anything else.

    Thank you very much :)




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