• women women
    December 02, 2009
    What can a home pregnancy test tell you if you are still bleeding?
    women women
    December 02, 2009

    I've been cramping, and normally I have a very light period.  It's light this time, but it has lasted over 10 days now. I'm 32, never been pregnant before, and very worried! I thought I had an STD at first, but then all the well known symptoms of pregnancy started happening to the point where the girls at work told me to take a pregnancy test. I took the first one on the 25th and the second one on the 28th, and both were positive. I am wondering if this is an early sign of a miscarriage? 



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  • Paul December 02, 2009
    December 02, 2009

    I don't think you are miscarrying. There is often some bleeding, enough that at times, women think they are having their period. Since you've had positive results, it is time for you to be examined by a physician who will probably also test you to confirm the positive indication that you are pregnant. Beside the link I've given you above, here is more information on the early signs of pregnancy. I hope this helps.


  • James Leary August 14, 2014
    James Leary
    August 14, 2014



    I know this was posted a while ago, but i hope you are doing ok.  I am not a doctor and can't diagnose you, but Paul is correct in that many women experience at least some form of bleeding during early pregnancy.


    I hope you were able to visit your physician to put your mind at ease.  Please let us know how you are doing.  I'm sure your experience can be of great help to others in the community!


    Best of lcuk,



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