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Thursday, December 25, 2008 Angelmov16, Community Member, asks

Q: Am I pregnant or did I not ovulate?

I have a little concern.  I got my period on the 17th of November and
  ended  somewhere between the 21st-24th.  this past weekend (the 28th)
  my boyfriend and i were intimate and we were having dry sex with our
  clothes off and he had a condom on with spermicide. He went to the
  bathroom before hand and he never came at all.  Later on we fell
> and we became intimate again and we began rubbing against each other
> without a condom on.  I need to add that before when he had the condom
> on, he never went in me.  Well, we were rubbing again without a condom
> and he never went inside me and he never came. I should be ovulating
> sometime this weekend or the beginning of next week.  Saturday, the
> after all this, I went to the bathroom and i had egg white discharge(only when I went #2...sorry for the detail).
> It threw me off because im not supposed to ovulate for another week.
> cycle ranges from 34-37days. Today, I found blood on my underwear and
> when i went to the bathroom, a small clump of blood dropped in.  Am I
> pregnant?   I dont think my boyfriend and i did anything to get me
> pregnant.  I don't think I ovulated on saturday when i had egg white
> discharge because it was way too early and i haven't had it again.
> sometimes when I use the bathroom to go #2, I get come discharge.  if
> fact it was ovulation, I shouldn't be getting implantation bleeding
> early(if I was pregnant for instance).  But, do you think I could be
> pregnant?  I should be getting my period this week in December(its day 39) and I haven't got it.  All I get is very small white discharge on my underwear every once in a while.  This started on Sunday.  I don't even know if I ovulated this month, because normally I get EWCM, but this time I didn't.  this past weekend, my boyfriend and I engaged in outercourse, but we had a comdom on that had spermicide already on the condom.  Before we put the condom on, his penis was rubbing against my stomach, getting pre-cum on my stomach.  We obviously touched skin when we embranced, then I sat on top of him.  Can the precum from my stomach tranfer to his and then go in me when i sat on him?  The condom rolled up also when we were stimulating sex, but it always covered the tip and never came off.  Can pre-cum get on the base of the condom then when he rolled it back down, gotten on the shaft?  and if so, when it rolled up again and he was rubbing skin to skin against me, could the pre-cum have gotten inside me?  Is there any chance I could be pregnant?  We did not have sex and he never came near me or penetrated me.  I know I sound paranoid, but as you can see, we are taking every precaution.  We do not plan on having sex anytime soon.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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lalawoo89, Community Member
12/26/08 12:53am

Honestly, the chances of you getting pregnant from light "rubbing" are probably really low, but you just need to calm down.  I can't gather if you are actually "late" from your post, but don't worry until you are at least a few days late for your period.  If you worry, it can even delay your period.  Get yourself a pregnancy test when you become late.

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