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    July 07, 2009
    What causes a rash on the outside of the vagina?
    carton kandy carton kandy
    July 07, 2009

    I'm unsure what it is, but it's on the outside of my vagina, close to the lips. It appears as a little bump, but it's starting to spread. It's not burning or itching, just painful as I walk or when my legs are together! Do you have any idea as to what it is?



  • Merely Me
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    July 07, 2009
    Merely Me
    Health Guide
    July 07, 2009



    Does it seem more like a blister or sore?  Have you had unprotected sex recently? 


    It could be anything, but I am wondering what you mean by, "it's starting to spread."


    Here is an article I just wrote about lumps and bumps down there, complete with links to images of different things it could be.  It could be some sort of rash, allergy, a cyst, or, if it does resemble more of a sore or blisters, genital herpes.


    My best suggestion is to see a doctor about this so you can get some peace of mind and also some treatment if you need it.


    Thank you for your question.  Best of luck, and let us know how you are doing.


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