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Sunday, November 22, 2009 Verka, Community Member, asks

Q: Why can't I feel anything when I'm on top during sex?

Whenever I'm on top of my partner I can't feel any pleasure and so can't he I tried different angles and movement but it just doesnt work and he basically is always on top and thta makes him feel like he's doing all the work, is there anything I can do or advice onto how to correctly do it on top lol?

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Paul, Community Member
11/22/09 12:19pm

No, not really. You have tried anything I could recommend. I'm not certain why you aren''t feeling anything. That is your main question, and I really can't answer. Some people like certain things and others like something else.

I have to assume nothing is wrong physically but It's a matter of working that out between you without hurting the other. You could bring the matter up to your gynecologist, it's not an unusual question.


There are a ton of sites and books, and how to guides all over the Internet and you may want to search for these, I really can't recommend any in particular. In the end it's a matter of working things out and pleasing each other. There are some things you might do to please the other without always getting something out of it, but these are matters best settled between you.

na, Community Member
11/26/09 1:18am

Try different possitions. Some make it easier to feel whereas others are much harder to feel. One that really drives me crazy is just have the guy sit in a chair and you sit on top without facing him. Just ride him go up and down and roll your hips backwards and forewards. This is one of my favorite positions when I'm on top of him. The other is the thigh master or you could try asian cowgirl or backwards asian cowgirl if i remember the exace name correctly. or something like that has a massive list of great sex possitions that tell how it's best with tips and why each partner may like them so much.

MoGuy47, Community Member
12/ 1/09 5:55pm

Try having him from behind you while you are on your hands and knees.  You can then rock backward into him slowly or fast and hard.  Try being on top of him, but facing away from him.  Try being on top, legs out stretched.  Squatting over him.  When you are on top, try leaning forward and leaning backward.


Try games.  In a lightning storm, hold your body up until you see lightning, and then let your body go down his shaft, and come back up until the next time. 


You say neither feels pleasure.  Are you saying it feels loose?  Too wet to have friction?  How long are you on top?  Have you tried bouncing fast on him?   

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