• JadeRayne JadeRayne
    October 11, 2010
    Can you get skin tags on your vagina?
    JadeRayne JadeRayne
    October 11, 2010

    I've discovered a bump that feels like a skin tag on my vagina. It has grown into a red blister under my vaginal opening. It's sore and it burns but there is no discharge. Is this a skin tag, or is it possible that it's a herpes blister? I don't think it's herpes because I'm not sexually active, but I'm worried. I have a compromised immune system from MS, though that may not be related. Any help?



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  • Paul October 15, 2010
    October 15, 2010

    It really sounds like it could be an infected ingrown hair or an infected sebaceous cyst. You should think about seeing a doctor since it has not gone away and has increased in size. At least for your peace of mind and possible removal.

    Merely Me, a writer for this site, wrote an article called, Bumps On The Vagina: How to know if it is serious, which may help you decide what to do.

    • JadeRayne
      October 15, 2010
      October 15, 2010

      Thank you so much! As a matter of fact, I went to the gyno today :)  Relief to know she does NOT think its herpes, but does think its HPV genial wart.  So you were correct.. once again ;) I do have a question thou, after I have it removed next month, is there any medication I can take to prevent them from coming back? or anything I can do at all? I have MS and fighting anything in my body is difficult.


      Question #2: My ex boyfriend had a genital wart that didnt seem to bother him, no pain at all.. never spread, never got bigger. it was just "there".  It didnt bother him, but it did bother me. Im wondering that even if it was "dormant" so to speak, is that how I got mine? From my former relationship with a man that wouldnt take care of it... im afraid for him what could happen to him , if he doesnt.  We are still good freinds and I would like to advise him accordingly. 


      Thank you, I know this was a loaded question... I appreciate your help and value your advice :)

    • Smilee
      August 26, 2011
      August 26, 2011

      I'm not a doctor, and that is always the best place for answers. 


      That being said, most info I've found about hpv warts and treatment, is they are pretty much "ignored" and left to "go away" on their own.  According to the numerous pamphlets/sites etc, it seems they are mostly cosmetic, and not to worry about.  Unless there's pain, or you just can't bare to look at them, then you can request removal, which consists of:  surgical, or the ovc wart removal (at your own risk) remedy, which sounds a bit scary to me... 


      As far as the wart origin goes, they all say that there is no way to tell.  They don't show until 6months, and even then, they can lay dormant, without symptoms for years.


      Personally, I'd blame the X...  But I'd suggest that you just curse his name under your breath, as it's quite possible, a sneaky hiding one that you aquired, somehow somewhere, got him first, then hid for a bit, then got you back, etc,....


      Apparently they are cunning and formidible opponents. 


      Much luck!


  • Renee Culver August 13, 2014
    Renee Culver
    August 13, 2014

    Hi JadeRayne,


    Paul gave a fine answer above, but I'm chiming in to repeat what he's said. Definitely get your answer from a doctor. To me, it sounds like you could be talking about folliculitis, which is essentially an ingrown hair, or something like a Bartholin cyst. To answer your other question, it is entirely possible to get skin tags on your vagina, but only your doctor can tell you for sure if that's what you're experiencing.


    Good luck!




    Bumps on the Vagina: How to Know if it's Serious

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