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Sunday, December 13, 2009 NEEDHELP, Community Member, asks

Q: I had unprotected sex twice in a month and a half and took the Next Step contraceptive both times.

Is it less likely to work since I took them so close together?  i had the 1st one a day after my period ended and then my period started up again right away...maybe 2 days later for 4 days. Then i had  unprotected sex 3 weeks later and took the pill withinthe 1st 24 hours and have yet to have a period.Its been exactly 3 weeks since I took the pill. Ive been having  cramps for the last 4 days but still  no  period. IM SCARED

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Paul, Community Member
12/13/09 9:47pm

What contraceptive did you take? Maybe I'm not able to find the name you are giving. Probably just me. Do you mean, Next Choice?


Anyway, you do mean a morning after pill, right? In that case you probably weren't using them too close to each other. The manufacturers just generally say that they shouldn't be used as your regular form of birth control.


No method of birth control short of abstinence is 100% effective, though the morning after pills are very effective the closer taken after intercourse, the better.


As for your worries. It's a little too soon to worry. If your next normal period is late by more than a week, you can take a home pregnancy test, or be tested by a doctor. Also, there are numerous reason your period may be delayed, and contraceptives can play a part in that. It's possible the drugs were responsible for your bleeding so soon after your last period and making you next due period late. As I said, there are more reasons though, like stress and worry.


You can read about some of those in this article by Merely Me, a writer and community leader for this site, titled, Reasons Other Than Pregnancy for a Delayed Period. It can give you information and help you decide when to seek a doctor's assistance.

NEEDHELP, Community Member
12/14/09 11:14am

Yes i ment  Next Choice. Thanks for the  correction. Heres  the time line:

Period Oct 9-Oct 14

Unprotected Sex Oct15

Next Choice Oct 15

Period Oct 16th-Oct 21

Next period around Nov 9-13

Unprotected sex Nov 23 early morning (2am-8am)

Next Choice  Nov 23 5pm





Paul, Community Member
12/14/09 12:37pm

Well, no one can say what you want to hear. That no way are you pregnant. But, I would say the chances of you being pregnant are very small. The chances that you are not, are very good.


If you are, you are, that can't be changed, just dealt with, so all you need do now is plan when to take a home pregnancy test, purchase one and take it. Those are pretty reliable and you should read about those in this article. Follow the instructions closely and, see what it says.


Probably be negative, and you'll probably have your period before you even buy it. The problem with contraceptives are they can alter your menstrual cycle and cause you great worry, believe me you are not the first here having these worries.


If you get a positive, then you can either take another to be more sure, or be tested by a doctor. I don't know your age. If you would need advice, there are your parents, your doctor, your local Planned Parenthood chapter and probably other local resources.


My guess is you won't need any of them. You were responsible in taking the morning after pills, but if you are going to be active, please look into a reliable, long term birth control method. Good luck to you.

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