• Baba Baba
    January 02, 2011
    should i cut my septate hymen?
    Baba Baba
    January 02, 2011
    i have a septate hymen and have known about it since i was about twelve. i masturbate quite frequently using different...techniques so to say...and i have had sex once but he wasnt very big so im unsure as to whether it will effect me should i chose to have it again. i've been with my current boyfriend (not the one who i had sex with) for quite some time now, and he knows about my situation. hes as nervous about it as i am. im worried that because that boy wasnt big enough to "break me in" then it's going to be uncomfortable for both me and my current boyfriend (who is now my fiance..) so ive been contimplating on cutting it myself with some nail scissors that i have, ive been thinking about it for a decent 8 months. i cant go to the doctors because i wouldnt know what to say. i have low self confidence so i cant word it out for fear of embarrassing myself, although i've tried talking to my mother about it but..she didnt know what a hymen was...and im afraid that if i go to the doctor regarding this situation then my mother would be to happy about it, as she isnt very...motherly towards me like she used to be. we do have a strong relationship but i dont want to do or say anything that could provoke her. basically i want to know if it would be okay if i cut it myself? its not a spur of the moment thing, and its been going through my head for a while. ive asked my fiance about it but hes unsure because he says he doesnt want me to hurt myself for his benefit. only it would be for both of our benefits and would make me feel more confident and relaxed around him when we get "intimate". i can't go to a doctor, so dont tell me to. just help with this? because im unsure on what to do now... READ MORE


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  • MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! February 02, 2011
    February 02, 2011


    I have a septate hymen as well and i am 15 years old.

    I never knew it was different than other hymens so never mentioned it or questioned why it was so hard to take out tampons. My boyfriend and i have sex quite often and it never was a problem getting in, i just had to be wet enough, recently though, we were having sex and i opened my legs really wide and felt a sharp pain, i dismissed it and we kept going, when we looked down there was blood everywhere and we both thought i started my period, i put in a tampon and went to bed. The next morning i felt discomfort in my vagina and took out my tampon and noticed a bloody 'string' of flesh hanging down. It was my hymen, now, you can either deal with it for the rest of your life or go to the gyeno to get it cut off painlessly in less then ten minutes, i have an appointment to get mine cut next week, disregarding my embarrasment,

    so DONT cut it by yourself. go to a doctor, its worth it

  • Paul January 02, 2011
    January 02, 2011

    There is no way to tell you this is okay. None.

    The risk of infection or harming your sexual, or reproductive health, is far too great.



    A doctor, in a clean environment, using sterile, surgical instruments is the only way if you do not choose to do it by intercourse.

    I don't know if you are the same girl who wrote in recently but the answer is what the answer is. It's not safe, and no one can tell you it is okay to perform surgery.

    You're asking a question no one can legally answer. Even a doctor, over the internet, would never give you permission to do this. I wish there were a way to help you.


    If you make an appointment, they will want to know what you wish to see the doctor about. You just tell them you have a partially torn hymen and you want to seek the doctor's advice about having it removed completely.


    I don't know your age, but if you are a minor, you may need parental permission, but the office will tell you about that. You may also need to use your parent's insurance, if any.

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