• Jane Jane
    January 01, 2009
    Why do I keep getting boils?
    Jane Jane
    January 01, 2009

    I keep getting what I was told were boils in my armpit and under my breasts. One under my arm keeps seeping and looks as though it has a tiny hole in it.  It will itch, get red and then look fine sometimes, but I feel the lumps under the skin.



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  • Leanna January 14, 2009
    January 14, 2009

    When you notice changes in the skin, it is important to see a doctor. It could be a sign of cancer (you can be any age and get cancer) or it could be another type of infection but it should definitely be looked at. Good Luck


    *I have a boil under my arm right now and am waiting for it to burst and if I get another one, I will definitly be seeing a doctor*


    I don't think you should be worried that it is an STD, sounds like a bacterial infection but you never know w/the human body because there are so many things to irritate the skin

  • beckydoll September 25, 2010
    September 25, 2010

    Just to let you know alot of people get  them i get them often ive been checked for mrsa and staph but always comes back neg i asked my dr if he knew why i got them he said some people do and left it at that best thing to do for them is take hot baths and hold hot rags on them this will make them bust on their own if you squeeze them they can cause serious infections

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