• uneputain uneputain
    March 06, 2010
    Cramps, no period, and a negative pregnancy test
    uneputain uneputain
    March 06, 2010

    My period is several weeks late, and I have cramping and painful nipples, but two pregnancy tests have shown that I'm not pregnant. I did have unprotected sex last month, so pregnancy is a possibility. Does anyone know what could be wrong?



  • Amy Tudor
    July 05, 2014
    Amy Tudor
    July 05, 2014

    Hi there, uneputain - 


    I just want to echo Paul's recommendations of the articles by Merely Me above, and also give you a few other links that you might find helpful. A pregnancy test performed at a doctor's office after you've missed your period is the best way to know if you're pregnant or not. These could be symptoms of pregnancy or they could indicate other medical conditions that need to be addressed. Either way, it's best to let the doctor decide what the best course of diagnosis and treatment is for your specific circumstance.


    Here are some other links you might find helpful:


    Pregnant? Here are Your Options

    Endometriosis: The Basics

    Misconceptions About Conception


    Good luck!


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