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Saturday, November 12, 2011 alexae, Community Member, asks

Q: sperm on penis skin

Ok I want to know how long can sperm live outside the body... I read so many thing on the internet and I am not sure. I had a sex with my boyfriend three weeks ago and we used condom he ejaculated in it and after that he pulled it out and wiped his organ with toalet paper.... after half hour we had sex again also protected one. The problem is that I was touching his penis and then I was putting on the condom. Could I put a sperm with my hands on condom if the skin was dry? 
Thank you

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Merely Me, Health Guide
11/12/11 4:47pm

Hi there


This is a good question and one that encites a lot of controversy.  However, once the sperm is dried it is not able to impregnate you.


I wrote at length about this topic with an article on the misconceptions of conception: 

"This is one of those questions where there are many variations on the theme. Someone will ask if they masturbated using their hand and some ejaculate got onto their hand, they washed their hands, played basketball and then saw their girlfriend and touched her vagina and then want to know if she will become pregnant. Or someone might ask if dried sperm can come back to life when moistened.


I will do my best here to answer the many versions of this question as it comes up so frequently on our site.


The American Pregnancy Association is pretty clear in stating that once sperm is dry it is dead. Sperm cannot be brought back to life by being re-moistened. So if the sperm has dried it is not going to get anyone pregnant.


Sperm can live up to five days if it stays within a warm moist environment such as a woman's cervix.


But outside of the human body sperm have a much shorter existence.


There is much variability in the answers given as to how long sperm can remain alive outside of the human body such as on a hand. It seems to depend upon how exposed the semen is to air and humidity and this pregnancy site tells us that sperm can last from twenty minutes to an hour outside of the body.


But then there are sexual health organizations such as this one which say that sperm are able to live for up to four hours outside of the body.

So basically if the sperm is dry then there is no chance for pregnancy. But if you have ejaculate on your hands which is not dry or washed off completely and you get that ejaculate anywhere near your female partner's vagina then perhaps there is a slight risk for pregnancy.


Your best bet is to always wash your hands thoroughly if you have any seminal or pre-ejaculation fluids on them before touching your female partner's vulva or vagina."


Hope this helps some!


One way to resolve this worry is to use spermacide in addition to a condom or use additional forms of birth control.


Thank you for your question.



alexae, Community Member
11/12/11 5:06pm

But are there chances to transfer sperm with my hand from his organ to the condom and is that so much risky?

thank you for the great answer... 

Merely Me, Health Guide
11/12/11 9:10pm

Hi there


I honestly don't think so.  I know you must be worried to ask this.  Sperm need certain conditions to be able to travel...if you will.  And if the sperm had dried it would not get you pregnant.  If you are still worried you can take a home pregnancy test if you miss your period or speak with your doctor.  But if you wish to avoid these may want to use another back-up method in addition to a condom such as spermacide or birth control pills. 


It is very good that you and your partner did use a condom and I think you are going to be fine.  But again...if you have concerns see your doctor or gynecologist.


Try not to worry.


Thank you for reaching out here.


Bigquestions, Community Member
12/27/13 9:46pm
Does cum stay on penis after you ejaculate into a condom? Reply
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