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Your Period Problems Solved: 5 Ways to Beat the Bloat

So you are at a department store trying on a pair of jeans. But the size you usually fit into just won’t fit around your belly and you can’t even zip them up. What’s going on here? You guessed it, premenstrual bloating. Are we having fun yet? Like a lot of women you... Read moreChevron


TerenceMix, Community Member

I am an attorney/author ("The Price of Ovulation").


 I would like to address the results of a study released earlier this year, regarding fertility drugs and autism. On May 20, 2010, researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health presented their findings from a study exploring the possible... Read moreChevron


Paul, Community Member


Hypersensitive clitoris

Hi I know that diagnosis cannot really be given or confirmed over the net, but I really at the end of my tether.

I am British living  with my girlfriend in Hungary and she is experiencing  a very harrowing and strange problem which none of the doctors we have seen can help or identify the condition.

My girlfriend is 33... Read moreChevron


gena, Community Member


period problem

im 19 and i got my period july 13, its been heavy the first 3days which is normal for me but today is the july 21 and im still bleeding. Its not heavy but i am expericeing blood clots, it seems like its gonna stop but then a blood clot comes out and the blood turns back to red. My mother told me to wait until it stops so i cuold go get tested... Read moreChevron


Gianna, Community Member


Question on Herpes

I have had a few pimples on my lips and after a few days they have turned to little red marks, they are not really visible anymore. I am afraid that it may be Herpes... is that what this sounds like to you?