Men's Sexual Health

Your Penis

  • The Penis: Everything You Need to Know
    Urologist Vito Imbasciani, Ph.D., M.D.  explains how the penis works and talks about some of the penis' most baffling behavior
  • Penis Size
    When it comes to penis size, the politically correct party line is "size doesn't matter." But let's get real, shall we?
  • The Long and Short of It
    True or false: When women are asked what's the first thing they notice about a guy, nine times out of ten they say "the size of his penis."
  • Circumcision
    To Snip or Not to Snip?

Erectile Dysfunction

Men's Health

  • Jock Itch
    "Jock itch is fairly easy to remedy nowadays," says Ronald Reese, M.D., a dermatologist in Redding, CA. Find out how to get your's under control.
  • 10 Tips for Men’s Sexual Health
    Many men are unaware that they can take care of their sexual health and prevent problems before they occur. Find out how.
  • The Adonis Complex
    Perfect men with thick hair, bulging muscles, and six-pack abs-are taking over the world. It's enough to make a regular Joe feel like a regular schmoe.