Pornography Addiction

Pornography has been around for many years, however, with the advent of the internet, it has become more accessible. Not only can someone look at pornography with the click of a button, they can access more extreme sexual content easily.


Pornography addiction is seen more often in males than in females, although this certainly does not mean women cannot become addicted to pornography and suffer the same impact in their lives as men.


Warning Signs of Pornography Addiction


When a person begins to use and view pornography more and more often and does so regardless of the consequences, they may be addicted. In addition to spending more time viewing pornography, another sign of addiction is in “needing” more extreme types of pornography in order to find satisfaction.


According to the University of Texas Student Counseling Center [1], there are a number of signs to indicate if pornography is a problem in your life:


  • If you feel as if your desire for pornography is out of control or you have made several attempts to stop viewing pornography but have been unsuccessful.


  • You feel shame or guilt because of viewing pornography or feel it is does not fit in with your values and beliefs.


  • You hide viewing pornography and worry about being caught.


  • You constantly think about viewing pornography. When you are not viewing it, you think about the next time you will be able to.


  • The time you spend viewing pornography continues to increase.


  • There are negative consequences in your life from viewing pornography. This can be failed relationships or loss of jobs or financial because of the amount of money you spend on pornography.


According to the University of Texas Counseling Center, any one of these signs can signal an addiction to pornography.


Causes of Pornography Addiction


Dr. Robin, in an article entitled, “Pornography Addiction” [2], explains that an addiction to pornography indicates a deeper problem, “It’s a drug, it’s a way that people are trying to hide from their pain, from their feelings of not being good enough.”

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