Dr. Trager's Oral Sex Guide

Understanding Oral Sex

Jonathan Trager, M.D.

Here are some terms you may hear when people talk about oral sex:


Fellatio -- This is when a guy's penis is taken into a partner's mouth and licked or sucked. The testicles can be orally stimulated also. The guy can ejaculate inside the partner's mouth (followed by a spit or a swallow) or ejaculate outside it. Lots of guys love a good blowjob, and they love to watch their partners do it.

Cunnilingus -- This is oral stimulation of the female's genitals. There can be licking and sucking of the clitoris and labia minora and thrusting of the tongue into the vagina. Some women also like having a finger inserted into the vagina or anus for extra stimulation. For some women, this is best or even the only way for them to have an orgasm. 

Analingus  -- This is licking the anus. There are lots of nerve endings in the anal area that make licking that area pleasurable. 

That's what oral sex means -- now see what it means for you: 

If you don't have oral sex, maybe it's because: 

·         You're not ready for it.

·         It doesn't turn you on.

·         You think it's nasty and the thought of it makes you want to vomit.

·         You don't like the taste or odor of your partner's genitals.

·         You're dying to do it but the opportunity hasn't come up yet.

·         You're afraid of catching a disease.

·         Your genitals are so sensitive that it's uncomfortable or even painful to have them licked or sucked. 

If you have oral sex, maybe it's because: 

·         It's just something to do with a guy or a girl.

·         All of your friends are doing it.

·         Your partner expects you to do it.

·         It's a great way to relieve sexual urges quickly.

·         You think it's a great way to get or keep a guy or girl.

·         It's a great way to stay a virgin and still engage in an intense sexual act.

·         You think it's a loving way to share your body in an intimate relationship.

·         You are pressured into doing it.

·         You are forced into doing it.

Find yourself somewhere in there? Have different thoughts of your own? Whatever the case, a few things are important about you and oral sex: 

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