A Sunscreen Ingredient You Should Know About

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  • BP-3 or Benzophenone-3 is a sunscreen ingredient that you will typically find in sun protection products, skin care lotions, lipsticks, hairsprays.  A recent study looked at how prevalent the by-product of this ingredient is in our bodies, since animal testing revealed that in high doses it may cause liver, kidney and reproductive organ "alterations" when administered orally and on the animal's skin.


    Why is this a concern?  Well the EWG (Environmental Working Group), a non-profit advocacy organization is concerned that this ingredient may have a link to "allergies - hormone disruption - cell damage" so they want the FDA to look at its safety record again.  To further support that demand, they also sited another study that suggested high levels of BP-3 in pregnant women may lead to low birth weight in their baby girls and increased birth weight in their baby boys.

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    I think the point is actually that we need to be consumers that are aware of the ingredients in most products we use - from food to skincare to sun safety to household cleaning and beyond.  We also have to assume that watch dog groups have our best interests at heart.  Right now, though, the FDA approval system is our best shot at protecting ourselves and our children.  I'm not naive enough to not realize that dangerous medications, substances - even ingredients - may slip through.  But I have myself to do research when I'm concerned and great websites to turn to for state-of-the art health and safety information.


    So for right now - avoiding skin cancer, by protecting our skin with the best filtering ingredients on the market has to be a priority.


    For me that has to be enough!! Is it enough for you??

Published On: July 13, 2008