Indoor Tanning is Out

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  • The Indoor Tanning Association is mounting a print and TV campaign in 7 major cities claiming that there is no "conclusive evidence" that links tanning to melanomas.  The Association represents indoor tanning salons and the maker of tanning beds and they are citing studies that show that sun exposure actually elevates levels of vitamin D which helps to increase survival rates in certain cancers.  The campaign will target cities like NY, Boston, Washington, Seattle and others - where winter can mean weeks without significant sun and thus reduced levels of vitamin D in their populace.  (That's why there are vitamin D supplements and vitamin D fortified milk)

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    Now folks - let's get real here.  I could site study after study that shows how dangerous excessive sun exposure is - but let's even look anecdotally at Australians.  This population had one of the highest rates of skin cancer and after an amazing several year campaign about sun smarts and the use of sunblock and cautious sun exposure - rates are dramatically down.  The absurdity - after all we know about what too much sun can do to us - on so many levels (wrinkles definitely included) - of this campaign has forced the American Academy of Dermatology to counter with their own campaign - called Indoor Tanning is Out, an effort to educate the public about the risk of sun exposure and melanomas and other skin cancers.


    So I'll ask you a basic, easy question - Do you want to be one of the 62,480 cases of melanoma diagnosed this year or one of the 8,420 people who die from it??  Want a beautiful tan??? Get it from a bottle!!  

Published On: August 14, 2008