Are You Winter-Sun Savvy?

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  • We talk you to death - pun very much intended - when it comes to summertime and sun protection -  but what about during the winter months?  You cannot have a cavalier attitude, even though we do tend to cover up much more.  Think about it, though.  Your face, sometimes ears and hands are still exposed AND when you're sitting in traffic or in an office with windows - you are getting sun exposure.  and unprotected sun exposure - even in the winter - can lead to skin cancer.


    Now I've made it easy for myself by using a UVA/UVB sunblock containing face, lips and body moisturizer (Anthelios is my favorite brand) and so I'm just used to putting it on year round.  Two or three times a week, I allow myself some sun exposure without sunblock for about 10-15 minutes - just to produce vitamin D (and I take a daily supplement).

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    Finally, when I go skiing I make sure to remember that the sun's reflection off the white powder or ice can be quite powerful - so I re-apply my sunblock containing products 2-3 times during a full day out in the snow filled winter wonderland.


    The bottom line - Sun blocking during the winter months is every bit as important as in the summer months.  there's just a bit less skin area to worry about!!

Published On: September 17, 2008