Still Confused About Skin Cancer?

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  • Whenever I write or talk about skin cancer, I always use the Australians as an example of a nation that had a high rate of skin cancer and through a series of very smart marketing and targeted messaging, managed to literally heal a nation.  Their skin cancer rates plummeted over a several year period, and children as young as two and three know to slather on the sunblock.


    We here in the US, are certainly becoming aware of sun exposure and skin cancer dangers so we are atleast on a path to reducing skin cancer rates.  Apparently in the UK, the news is not so good.  New research shows that the British public is lacking in "life-saving knowledge" when it comes to both skin cancer and premature aging.  Now I always assumed it rains...alot in England, so why the worry (just kidding)?  Well, it seems that one in five Brits are not even aware of what UVA and UVB rays are.

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    Skin cancer is now the most common form of cancer in the UK, and rates are rising.  Inadequate sun care is considered the primary culprit.  And of course, even I know that when the sun does not shine - it can still cause damage.  The word "broad spectrum protection" is not part of the average Brits lingo, and researchers believe its a message they must be taught.  Currently, one in six people have never purchased sunblock, and half the people questioned in a survey did not know what SPFstood for.


    We can also continue to learn about skin cancer prevention and make sure that even our youngest learn words like SPF, broad spectrum sunblock and skin cancer along with yes, no , mommy and daddy!!

Published On: October 05, 2008