Alternative Bronzers Help Indoor Tanners See the Truth

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  • I talk about alternative options to eating when it comes to stress, and I talk about alternative proteins when it comes to reducing saturated fat in one's diet, so I think this new study which gives indoor tanning enthusiasts the ugly truth about the impact of those dangerous and disfiguring UV rays and then offers them alternative ways to get the bronze look is brilliant.


    Researchers at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City developed a 24-page booklet based on "scientifically proven strategies" that help people to make healthier choices/choose healthier alternatives.  When it comes to indoor tanning - most people, even the young, know the health risks.  In fact, they probably know more about melanoma caused by UV tanning, than people who don't choose to tan.  But these indoor tanners choose to see the downside (age spots, cancer, wrinkles) as "something that comes much, much later."

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    Many young women also believe that they they must be tan to look good, especially for special events like a dance or a big date.  So the booklet offers specific tips on the different ways to get a "real looking - fake tan."  When distributed during the spring months to a test group (a control group received none) of 17-21 year olds, the test group were tanning 35% less often than they normally would have.  And the reduction was noted to be significant among the most frequent tanners (usually the hardest group to counsel).


    Researchers have now concluded that when talking to the "younger than 35 years of age group" of repeat tanners - vanity counseling may be a better tool that health implications and threats.

Published On: November 06, 2008