Have You Had Mohs Surgery? Skin Cancer Question of the Week

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  • Hello everyone!


    I am your Community Leader for Health Central's Skin Cancer Community and I would like to try something new for this site with a community discussion forum.  We have written a lot about certain topics pertaining to skin cancer including Mohs Surgery.  This is a very popular and successful surgical treatment for certain types of skin cancer including some forms of both squamous and basal cell cancers.


    Here are just some of the many articles we have about Mohs Surgery:


    My question for you this week is:  Have you ever had Mohs Surgery?  What was it like?  What was the healing process like?  Do you have any scars from the procedure?  And did the surgery cure your cancer?

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    It is one thing to read about this procedure from a clinical perspective.  It is quite another to hear about it from the patient perspective of someone who has gone through this.  Your story just may help someone else who is going through this.


    We welcome your participation!

Published On: February 07, 2012