The Down-Low on Vitamin D

mkstump Editor
  • Hello everyone! Writing to bring everyone's attention to Health Journalist Craig Stoltz's latest blog, titled Shining Light on a Vitamin D, Cancer Report. In it, he details a study that reports that the more Vitamin D each of us has, the less likely we are to get breast or colon cancer. As most of  you may know, we get our Vitamin D primarily from sunlight. The catch-22 of this study is that if we expose ourself to more sun, we may prevent breast and colon cancer, but we increase our chances of getting skin cancer. However, there are other ways of getting enough Vitamin D, namely by eating certain types of foods, which Stoltz lists. Read Stoltz's blog here. And for more on the effects of Vitamin D, see our Health and Beauty expert Sue Chung's blogs Vitamin D Deficiency Concerns and Skin Cancer and Tanning Salons and Vitamin D Hype.
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Published On: August 23, 2007