(Video) Dancing with the Stars Champ Melissa Rycroft Talks Sun Safety

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    Melissa Rycroft is known for winning Dancing with the Stars All Stars in November 2012, not to mention being a contestant on "The Bachelor" and participating on the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders show and team, but recently she is more interested in talking about sun safety than dancing and dating.


    Melissa is now the mother of a toddler, and has grown to value the importance of protecting your skin in the sun. She’s even teamed up with Banana Boat to spread awareness.


    “ I think a lot of us grew up in kind of the era of tanning,” she says, “and we stayed away from sunscreen and sunblock, but being older and now being a mother and having a family of my own, I think it’s really important to understand how important it is to protect yourself at all times.”

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    Melissa says chasing around a toddler to reapply sunscreen can be difficult, but the new spray sunscreen products can make it easier.


    “I have found that the spray they’ve come out with is much more effective than the lotion, at least at this age, the toddler age, because she didn’t want to have to stop so that I could reapply," says Melissa.  “She kind of likes the spray; she thinks it’s fun.”


    For people who still like the look of tanned skin, but don’t want the sun damage, Melissa suggests trying a spray tan or bronzing product, which are on her list of summer-haves.


    “I love the color of tan skin, I love looking like its summertime,” she says, “but these days you have kind of spray-in-a-can, and so I always have some sort of fake spray tanner on me or bronzer.”


    Her other favorite summer essentials are sunscreen of course, and lip balm to keep her lips looking smooth.


    For people who like to exercise outside or go swimming, Melissa suggests trying a water-resistant sunscreen and reapplying often, “so that it doesn’t wash off and become ineffective.”


    Melissa says the Unconditional Fun Banana Boat Sweepstakes encourages people to go out and have fun in the sun, but they just need to protect themselves. “You only get one skin,” she says, “don’t damage it.”


    *For more information on the Banana Boat Sweepstakes go to www.facebook.com/bananaboatbrand.


Published On: May 23, 2013