Tips for Having a Great Spa Day with Psoriasis

  • For years I was afraid to go to the spa due to having psoriasis. Having a spa day can be particularly difficult for those with psoriasis. Many times you feel too uncomfortable to go, due to fears of judgment from the people providing the service or others receiving services from the spa. I am now in a place in my life where I can go to a private spa comfortably, and these are the steps I take to make my spa day relaxing: 


    1. Call ahead. Find a list of places you are interested in, look at reviews and call them. When you call, make sure to explain that you have psoriasis and you are a bit uncomfortable due to not knowing how the person providing the service will feel. See how the person at the salon/spa responds. In my experience, most salons/spas know what psoriasis is and are very aware of it. But this tactic gives them time to inform the technician of your condition, so if they need to, they can research the disease.

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    2. Tour the facility. Once you find a salon/spa you are interested in, go take a tour. Go see how much privacy you will receive and how the rooms are set up. Some spas may have multiple people in one room, while others have private rooms. See what works for you and what you will be most comfortable with. If you go to a place that has multiple people in one room, ask the front desk when the best time is to come to avoid a crowd.


    3. Take a friend or family member. It's always good to have support. Make a day out of your trip to the salon/spa and take someone whom you trust. If you get nervous or uncomfortable, your loved one will be your moral support.


    4. Find spa services that will come to your home. If you haven't made it to the point where you can go out to a spa, find a company that will bring the spa to you. This may be a bit more expensive, but you can't put a price on comfort. 


Published On: June 09, 2014