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New treatment method for using Efudex or Efudix (UK version)?

I live in the UK and like many I was prescribed Efudix or Efudex (slight spelling change here in the UK) to deal with some solar keratosis on my face by a General Practitioner, he said to use it twice a day for 30 days. 


 Wanting a 2nd opinion I saw an eminent Consultant Dermatologist who said that current practice (new... Read moreChevron

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kilduffe, Community Member


mohs surgery and runny nose

Had Mohs surgery and following it began to think I had a head cold. Good news dried up in one day presume it was effect on sinus as surgery close to eye and nose.

Hope it helps.

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Eileen Bailey

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Does Melanoma Always Start on the Skin?

Melanoma of the skin, called cutaneous melanoma, is the most common form of melanoma. Noncutaneous, or non-skin melanoma, is much rarer but it is possible for melanoma to develop in other parts of the body. About five percent of all melanomas are noncutaneous.... Read moreChevron

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