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Does Melanoma Always Start on the Skin?

Melanoma of the skin, called cutaneous melanoma, is the most common form of melanoma. Noncutaneous, or non-skin melanoma, is much rarer but it is possible for melanoma to develop in other parts of the body. About five percent of all melanomas are noncutaneous.... Read moreChevron

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Redheadcancer, Community Member


Sun-Lovers Be-Ware!

I am 54-year old redheaded, blue-eyed white male. I have always been an avid outdoorsman which put me in the sun all of my life. I got my first squamous-cell about 12- years ago and since then they have continued to poop up somewhere else --- all on the upper half of my body. I'm up to at least (10) basal or SSC a month now. The reason that I... Read moreChevron

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