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Celia, Community Member


Very Disappointed In Moh's Surgery

I was recently diagnosed with a very tiny nodular basal cell carcinoma on my cheekbone about an inch from my hairline. The dermatologist told me my only option was Moh's surgery. I wish I'd looked into it more on my own, because this was a blatant lie and should have been my first clue that this doctor was not to be trusted. 

After... Read moreChevron

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Kristina Brooks

Kristina Brooks, Editor

Multimedia Journalist specializing in science reporting. Bachelor's degree in Animal Science and Communications and MA in Broadcast Journalism.

Sugarcoated Science: Dietary Sugar to Stop Skin Cancer?


We’ve heard the long list of reasons of why artificial sugar is bad for us, but a new study suggests that a natural, dietary sugar may... Read moreChevron

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